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Best of Lawrence 2012: Best Artist

Four years removed from marketing a controversial board game that drew national headlines, John Sebelius has moved into the world of clothing lines, 2-D, film and sculpture. This summer he released a documentary, “Searching at Sturgis,” and a series of vignettes, “71st Annual Rally.”

Nomadic churches searching for permanent home

EastLake Community Church, a young-but-booming nondenominational congregation has spent this year as a nomadic church, with no permanent home.

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Still growing: Artist John Sebelius moves forward with new documentary

John Sebelius has moved on since he created a national stir with a controversial board game. Now the Lawrence artist has released a new documentary and is prepared to leave his youthful mistakes behind.

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Film festival highlights relationships between fathers and children

The relationship between fathers and children is on display during this week's third annual Fatherhood Film Fest at Liberty Hall.

A cut above: Local author’s novel generates national buzz

‘The Chaperone’ about silent-film actress who popularized bob hairstyle

Laura Moriarty’s smash-hit novel of the summer began with some casual browsing at a bookstore.

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Music from the harp: Bluegrass/gospel duo embrace unusual instrument

Lawrence-based Angel Road is preparing to cut its second CD, and its members are hoping to expand the group’s outreach in what they consider a Christian ministry.

KU opera, symphony students to take stage at ‘surreal’ Kauffman Center

Annalize Sussman remembers the first time she saw the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. “I thought it was magical,” the Kansas University master’s student says.

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Deadman Walking

Lawrence bluegrass band Deadman Flats reunites with harmonica impresario Brody Buster

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Theatre Lawrence's Dueling Divas sing for a cause

When Sarah Young looks to defend her title Friday at the second annual Dueling Divas competition, she’d be happy to relinquish her tiara — if it means the fundraiser’s beneficiary, Theatre Lawrence, gets a big chunk of change for its operating budget. The event takes begins at 6:30 p.m. at Theatre Lawrence, 1501 N.H.

Coming up rosé: Fruity wine pairs well with summertime fare

Regan Lehman Pillar hears the complaints and sees the eyes roll. Rosés, for many, are passé.

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Van Go artists prepare for What Floats Your Boat

Student-artists are creating pieces for sale and auction as part of the annual summer fundraiser, but selling has its rewards beyond just money.

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Water, baby: Pool classes now recommended for even younger ages

The American Academy of Pediatrics last year recommended children as young as 1 year old take swimming lessons. The previous recommendation was 4 years old.

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Pinto Stampede: For car’s 40th anniversary, proud owners will travel I-70, visit Speedway

The Pinto celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

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Happy tails: Tips for making holiday trips with pets more enjoyable for everyone

Nearly a quarter of pet owners have taken a vacation with their animals in the last two years, according to an Associated poll conducted this fall.

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Little book on the prairie

Topeka artist tries his hand at children's stories.

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A gleeful endeavor: Lawrence Arts Center establishes choral pop group

"Glee" is one of the guiding forces behind LAC Voices, a new choral pop group established this fall through the Lawrence Arts Center.

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Launch pad: Lawrence artists use Rocket Grants to fuel creativity

Funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts have given local artists access to a larger audience.

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Ready for sibling two: LMH classes prepare kids for new brothers or sisters

Preparing for a second child has been an adventure for Karen Cross. Her 3-year-old daughter, Anne, already has been having conversations with Cross’ midsection, which holds a son due Nov. 30.

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Classic science fiction film finds a new life and a new score at Arts Center

It’s a chance to go back in time and be catapulted into the future, at the same time.

New dean performing at Collage Concert

Music dean Robert Walzel wants to make a good first impression for his Lawrence debut, which comes Friday at the 11th annual Collage Concert presented by the Kansas University School of Music.

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Our Town Ball: Kansas University group revives forgotten precursor to baseball

Town Ball is similar to baseball, but just different enough to draw quizzical looks from students walking home through the neighborhood west of the Kansas University campus.

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Book tells the story of how survivors rebuilt Lawrence after Quantrill's raid

The book tells the story of Quantrill’s Raid mostly through photographs and captions. Many of the photos are portraits of survivors and a brief synopsis of the subject’s story.

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Stay cool for school: Help kids beat the first-day jitters

Kimberlee Bourdon is bracing for the anxiety. Her 16-year old daughter, Ashlee, is moving to Lawrence from her father’s home in Texas. Ashlee will be a junior at Lawrence High School, and she doesn’t know anyone in Lawrence.

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Neighborhood watch: Study puts new perspective on community face time

Eric Henry finally knew he was glad to be back in the Midwest. It was three years ago.

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Healing bonds: Lawrence massage therapists will teach pediatric practices in Vietnam

Olivia London-Webb wasn’t supposed to make it through the night. Doctors said she was just too premature to have a chance at a long life. So her mother simply asked for a little bonding time.

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Rock Kansas: Two books dispel notion that Kansas is flat and boring

State's shifting geology compels authors to update bibles of the landscape.

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A prairie classroom: Lawrence resident opens property for Big Brothers Big Sisters event

The sunlight peeks through a row of trees near Brad Guess’ house, giving a hint to what is on the other side. Walk over a few rocks, through a small opening in the foliage, and the sky opens to cover a sea of wildflowers and grasses.

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Thriving at 75: Music academy at KU marks anniversary with new programming

Chloe Gilligan was in harmony heaven. The ninth-grader knows there are some students who are serious about music at West Junior High School, where she attends during the school year. But for a week this summer, she was surrounded by hundreds of students who treat music as much more than a hobby.

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Fido's first aid: A 101 on warm-weather dangers to your pet

A ball flies through the air. Fido runs through the grass after it. Fido grabs the ball, whips around and falls. He’s torn his CCL — the dog equivalent of an ACL tear in a human.

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Blossoming education: KU’s Hilltop program to expand gardening, related curricula

These are the reasons why gardening with preschoolers is adorable. Taj Polonchek, 5, sits on the sidewalk near a bed of green plants barely poking out of the ground. Even a seasoned gardener might wonder which is a weed and which is a vegetable plant. Taj, with great confidence, pulls a tomato plant out of the dirt. He holds it up to his teacher. “Can I pick this one?” he says.

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Lawrence author writes latest ‘American Girl’ series

Love of outdoors inspires ‘green’-themed addition to Mattel phenomenon

Jane Kurtz knew a little about the popularity of the American Girl dolls. Several years back, her daughter saved up her own money to buy one of the dolls. But Kurtz came to understand the full phenomenon this spring, when she was signing a book she wrote based on one of the American Girl dolls. In Chicago, families started lining up at 5:30 a.m. ahead of a 10 a.m. signing. In Boston, one girl and her family camped out overnight.

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Natural instincts: Lied Center program ties arts, sciences together for students

Sandy Sanders opened the afternoon with a question at the Baker Wetlands. “Who are the guests here?” she asked. “Them or us?” “Them” would be the snakes, frogs, beavers, birds, turtles and other critters that call the wetlands home. “Us” would be the 40 second-graders from Langston Hughes School who had come to visit for the afternoon.

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Living stories: Free State students will travel to Kenya for Miriam’s Circle team

Ruaa Hassaballa loves the power of a good story. Hassaballa, born in Sudan, is a senior at Free State High School. She’ll be traveling to Kenya this summer to listen to the stories of the families displaced by the country’s internal struggles, and of mothers of disabled children.

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Screen test: KU alumnus creates zen retreat on ‘Sweat Equity’

Girish Ballolla loves the oasis he’s created in his backyard. “I sit out there on the hammock with a cold one and think, ‘This is the life,’” he says. “I don’t have to go anywhere to get to a park.”

The secrets of Savvy Dads

Lawrence conference will address effective parenting techniques

Michael Boulton admits that being a father to his five children — ages 5 to 15 — often means he’s not doing what he wants to do.

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Winter survival kit: Tips for making it through the gray days until spring

Nicole Van Velzen is determined to make 2010 her Year of Happiness. The 30-year-old Lawrence resident generally considers herself a happy person. But she thinks she can do even more to put herself in a perpetually good mood...

Resort on the range: Farmstead converted to unique pet-care site

By most definitions, Homestead Pet Resort is out in the middle of nowhere. About an hour north of Lawrence —east of Holton and southwest of Atchison — Loretta Hiatt is hoping to build something big on land that’s been in her family for more than 120 years.

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Season's greetings: Photographer’s book explores Kansas nature

Mike Blair once nearly was run over by a moose.

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American heritage: KU contributes to new Native galleries at Nelson-Atkins

The figure appears to be singing out from behind the glass. Its large eyes peer from across the dimly lit room, spotlights illuminating the tan and black on its clay body. It has starred in shows before — it’s been on the cover of several art magazines, in fact.

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‘Building of distinction’: New book explores KU’s Spooner Hall

Even before he walked in, Kansas University architecture professor Barry Newton could tell Spooner Hall was special.

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Drawing lesson: October ArtStar blossoms after intensive study in pastels

Ally Koppes has loved drawing for years, but she wasn’t ready to spend all day, every day doing it.

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Take five: 2009 Phoenix Awards honor best in Lawrence arts community

They study Greek texts, teach theater, advocate arts education, run an art gallery and design art exhibits. They’re this year’s Phoenix Award winners, and their impacts are felt both in Lawrence and far beyond.

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Scores to settle: KU staging first Iron Composer event to give music students taste of innovation on deadline

In the world of music composition, trash-talking just doesn’t work.

Documentary to feature former Baker professor

A documentary about a Baker University professor who helped bring electricity to Baldwin City will premiere Friday at The Lodge, 502 Ames St., in Baldwin City.

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A brave tale: Lawrence Community Theatre stages 'Cups,' where undergarments mark a woman's life story

Joni Sheram never realized bras could evoke so many emotions. Three years ago, the Colorado playwright penned “Cups,” which tells a woman’s life story through the brassieres she has owned.

Novel idea: Longtime PR worker churns out first book

Score another victory for the scores of people who think, “I’d love to write a novel someday but don’t know how to do it.” Robin Lehman was one of those people. Not anymore.

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Mentoring mastery: KU program makes music education affordable for children in tough economic times

Music Mentors, a KU student program, provides free music lessons to Lawrence children. In its 10th year, service is growing as more parents learn about it and economic conditions make it more difficult to pay for lessons.

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Room to work: Artists balance function, style in studios

Applebee’s has nothing on Dave Van Hee’s art studio space.

Lawrence native giving book-signing for ‘Silver Shoes’

A Lawrence native now living in Los Angeles is returning to his home town this week to read and sign copies of his new book based on “The Wizard of Oz.”

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Sword play: Success of KU production of ‘Macbeth’ draws heavily on fight scenes

Alex Salamat plops down on a seat in the Crafton-Preyer Theatre, sweat beading on his bald head.