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Review: Brooktown High (PSP)

Welcome to Konami's Brooktown High, or as I like to call this morally reprehensible little gem, The Training Manual for Deserving School-Shooting Victims

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Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (PSP)

R&C has always provided the gamer with a full, challenging, and fun experience. As far as I know, they've got the 'Lombax mechanic with wrench and robot pal' niche sewn up.

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Thrift-store cowboy

Sweet western shirt costs only dime, changes a life forever

For those who had a prosperous year, Christmas morning held the promise of a nice goose and a plump red visitor with an engorged sack filling your flue. Who doesn't dream of being smothered in a flood of oversized packages swollen with the love of their fellow man? Who indeed?

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Wanda (Sykes) does it

Queen of Comedy Central comes to K.C.

Wanda Sykes has one of those voices that makes you laugh no matter what she's saying. Her segments on Comedy Central's "Crank Yankers," for instance, where she's complaining to a mechanic about the, uh, dookie left in her back seat, or calling a prison to arrange a conjugal visit - with anyone who's up for it - are among the show's most hilarious moments.

A firm grip and a smooth snatch

For Master Esthetician Elizabeth Krull, technique can make the difference between pain and worse pain

Once upon a time, Big Wheels had hand brakes, Corvairs were the pinnacle of speed and handling, and a man's chest fur was a hirsute treasure to be cultivated and cherished by himself and all others.

The hole truth

Archaeologist/Soldier of Fortune Jessica Craig cracks the whip on danger

After years of coursework, research, and digging in severe heat with pick, trowel and soft-bristle brush; after earning an undergraduate degree and a Master's degree, and beginning a Ph.D (whatever that is) that will include defending three field statements and another thesis; after being separated from her fiancee for months at a time and learning the difference between a shard of glass and a sherd of pottery (the difference is one letter), Jessica Craig still steps willingly into a world of calamity. A world of peril. A world of villainous guides, Nazis, and traitorous monkeys. Jessica Craig is an archaeologist. For real.

Single lens reflux

Watch the birdie : and show Nick Erker your ass

If you're one of those troublemakers who thinks that sorority and fraternity life involves nothing more than getting intoxicated enough to be counted as legally dead and abusing people who work for a living, stop reading now. If you think the Greek system is ridden with emotionally stunted children looking for other emotionally stunted children with whom to have emotionally stunted sex, then this story is not for you. There's nothing here that will change your mind.

Ladder Day Saints

Lawrence firefighter saves lives, doesn't make love to Jennifer Jason Leigh

In real life, our childhood fantasies are frequently pushed aside in order to try making a living writing snotty little "stories" about other peoples' jobs instead of pursuing dreams of a cowboy life. Um, for example. But in real life, horses do exist, and some stalwart men and women ride the range rounding up doggies or something. And real-life robbers from lower-income neighborhoods are busted by real-life cops. There are even real astronauts, believe it or not. And some people actually ignore the sphincter-tightening reality that fire is something you run away from. Fast.

Q&A with King Buzzo of The Melvins

The new Melvins record is a collaboration with a guy named Lustmord called "Pigs of the Roman Empire." The cover is on the back. And that's just the beginning of the sass. King Buzzo (above, center) has been defying convention with his band Melvins for 20 years. They've weathered major label contracts, tours with White Zombie, and "Dookie," and have emerged as smooth and freakish as a two-headed snake. How, you may ask. Dunno. lawrence.com spoke with the miraculously locked monarch about literally thousands of topics, all of which can be found at lawrence.com, but some right here.

Q&A with Sebadoh

Lou Barlow and Jason Lowenstein resurrect a minimal Sebadoh

A lot about Sebadoh seems accidental. The band's very existence began as a side project for Lou Barlow, who was trying to cope with playing bass in the less-than-democratic environment of the band Dinosaur Jr.

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