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I-70 Hip Hop Series

The I-70 Series makes a pit stop in Lawrence, topping off the local hip hop scene while sparing enough time to check their tire pressure and fill up on Pita Pit. Co-hosts Ryan Johnson and Kyle sit down with some of the Midwest's finest rappers including Stik Figa, Steddy P, Dutch Newman, and Earthworms. So take the next off ramp (the East Lawrence exit is finally open) and get ready for the pyroclastic flow.

Real Estate

Though lo-fi, surf-pop has made a resurgence over the past few years, one can't help but feel it either leans towards the more experimental (Animal Collective) or the infectiously danceable (Surfer Blood). That's why the precocious sounds of Real Estate feel like a return to form when compared to bands of the same ilk. Co-hosts, Ryan Johnson and Kyle Sheline, chill with the Jersey boys before their show at The Jackpot Saloon. photo by Colin O'Neill

Katlyn Conroy and the Wild and Wooly

Katlyn Conroy has lent her voice to a number of bands over the past few years, but with the Wild and Wooly, she's found a place to flex her own songwriting skills. With a mesmerizing stage presence and a tight band comprised of members of Another Holiday, Katlyn is proving that you don't need to look outside of Lawrence for the next best singer-songwriter; she's already here.


UUVVWWZ (pronounced Double 'U' Double 'V' Double 'W'...'Z') might have one of the most ponderous band names ever, which in this case is a good thing considering the group's eccentric sound. Part art rock with a dash of experimental blues, the Nebraska quartet has a little something for everyone. AK Brashear sits down with UUVVWWZ to discuss the band's unique songwriting practices and how he might improve his own name by adding more random letters.

The Turnpike Music Showcase part 3: The Appleseed Cast

On the third installment of The Turnpike Music Showcase , The Appleseed Cast deliver an epic performance fit for any admirer of the preeminent Lawrence rock group. With over a decade of music making under their belts and the creation of some of the best post-rock to ever come out of the Midwest, it is our great honor to have these guys on our show. Host AK Brashear sits down with group founders, Chris Crisci and Aaron Pillar, along with recent additions, John Momberg and Nate Whitman, to get some perspective on the band's continuing journey.

Bandit Teeth

Sometimes there’s a band… I won’t say heroes, ’cause, what’s a hero? Sometimes, there’s a band. And I’m talkin’ about Bandit Teeth here – Bandit Teeth from Lawrence. Sometimes, there’s a band, well, they're the band for their time and place. They fit right in there. And that’s Bandit Teeth. Bandit Teeth, from Lawrence. And even if they're a crazy band – and Bandit Teeth are most certainly that. Quite possibly the craziest in all of Lawrence, which would place them high in the runnin’ for craziest statewide. Sometimes there’s a band, sometimes, there’s a band. Well, I lost my train of thought here. But… aw, hell. I’ve done introduced it enough.

Capgun Coup

Capgun Coup may seem like a panache of musical influences jammed out by a group of friends living in a squalid cesspool for booze, cigarettes, and starving artists. Just don't say that to their faces because they're liable to punch your lights out. The quintette has made waves nationally for their rambunctious live shows and lo-fi indie-pop, enough to impress fellow Nebraskan, Conor O'berst, and his Team Love record label. Their latest release, Maudlin, continues their affinity towards noisy surf-rock mixed with dissonant vocals and mischievous lyrics. Like their song says, "Bad bands are better than all the rest."

Blind Pilot

Like the foggy coasts of Oregon from which they hail, Blind Pilot's wistful ballads conjure a feeling of serenity and introspection unlike many folk-pop acts of the day. While their eco-friendly tour of the West Coast on custom made bicycles garnered national attention, their real story is still rooted in band founders Israel Nebreker and Ryan Dobrowski's desire to perform their music for audiences regardless of technical limitations. Fortunately, their grassroots beginnings paid off, yielding a #1 single on iTunes and a national tour opening for Counting Crows and The Decemberists. AK Brashear gets the low down on the band before their gig at The Jackpot Saloon.

Danny Pound

Not many people are privy to the "real" Danny Pound. So that's why being invited into his humble abode was akin to a guided tour of the secret warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. As it turns out, Danny is a pretty regular guy, harboring only a private stash of Hamm's in a mini fridge and modest recycling center. The Danny Pound Band (renamed Murky Aquariums) have recently put out a new album called Theirs and Ours, a dense compilation of folk rock goodness which he was kind enough to play for a loving audience at the Lawrence Percolator. Sit back, relax, and get ready to meet the man behind the curtain; Danny Pound.


Pinback co-leaders, Rob Crow and Zach Smith, look like the original odd couple when viewed alongside their other musical endeavors. With roots in the San Diego metal and indie rock scenes, it seems remarkable that they are responsible for some of the most complex and melodic indie-pop coming off the West Coast. Their latest recordings continue to show off a pension for intertwining vocal harmonies and climatic hooks, rounded off by Smith's distinctive bass playing. The band sits down with host AK Brashear before their show at the Granada.

The Turnpike Music Showcase part 2: Cowboy Indian Bear

Watch the first ever Turnpike Music Showcase at Liberty Hall . With the release of their new album, Each Other All The Time, Cowboy Indian Bear stands out as one of Lawrence's premiere musical acts. AK Brashear catches up with the band after their show.

The Turnpike Music Showcase part 1: Muscle Worship

Watch the first ever Turnpike Music Showcase at Liberty Hall . On this first installment, Lawrence rock trio, Muscle Worship, open up the show with an array of alternate tunings, asymmetrical time signatures, and dissonant guitar rifts. With the ubiquitous comparisons to Polvo aside, the group has brought it's own style and complexity to a rock scene starving for a breath of fresh air. Watch and listen; you might just find your favorite new rock band.

Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood passes through The Turnpike this week, blowing the socks off the crowd at The Replay Lounge. In case you haven't heard of the Florida natives, their single "Swim" tore up the charts last year, almost eclipsing the release of their debut album, Astro Coast, this past January. Fortunately, these guys aren't a one trick pony, delivering densely layered guitar rock over some of the catchiest tunes you've heard since Built to Spill. Ryan Johnson and Kyle Sheline host this exciting episode. Surf's up...

Peter Bjorn and John

The Swedish indie pop sensations, Peter Bjorn and John, strut through The Turnpike this week. With stage antics that put Mick Jagger to shame, the trio put on a wild show, removing the synth-pop production of their studio albums in favor of some good ole' fashion rock n' roll. Don't worry though; they still play "Young Folk". AK Brashear sits down with the band before their show at The Granada.

John Nolan

Fans of Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run should find themselves on familiar grounds with singer/songwriter, John Nolan's, latest project. Working from his home in Lawrence, KS along with creative partner and wife, Camille, Nolan has recorded a contemplative list of tunes that retain his emphatic vocal style while exploring new territory with drum loops and intricate acoustic riffs. John sits down with Turnpike host, AK Brashear, before his show at The Jackpot.

Justin Ripley and Friends

Former Pamonas frontman, Justin Ripley, takes a break from playing non-stop shows to hang out with The Turnpike crew. Special guest host, Brad Shanks, talks with Justin and his new band.

Black Lips

LAWRENCE, Ks.—The fun police's pursuit of a six-passenger van hauling a trailer full of wild stage antics, psychedelic guitar drones, and drunken debauchery ended when the van's occupants, the Black Lips cruised through The Turnpike television show and crashed into the stage at The Bottleneck. Witnesses claim the occupants emerged from the vehicle and immediately began rocking out—Tim vonHolten reports.

William Elliott Whitmore

Iowa's homegrown hero, William Elliott Whitmore, cultivates his own brand of folk-blues music from the very earth that he was born and raised on. Unlike most country-blues artists, Whitmore has transcended his genre by embracing the punk scene as his own, opening for acts like Against Me! and Converge. Like 200% proof moonshine, his live performances are always raw and from the heart.

Fourth of July's Tribute To America

How does the Fourth of July celebrate America's independence? Slip 'N Slides, tug o' war, and $100 worth of beer. Take that England! Don't miss the recap of their sweltering performance at The Replay Lounge along with behind the scenes footage of the Asteroid Head Summer Camp.

Big Surrender

Do you detest pop music? Then allow Big Surrender to change your hearts and minds with their infectiously danceable tunes that only a jealous boyfriend could hate. Host AK Brashear kicks it with the band after their show at the Granada.


Aaron Weiss, lead singer for mewithoutYou, has used his band as a forum for resolving many of his own spiritual conundrums since the band's 2001 inception. While many have labeled the group as just another Christian band, recent recordings hint at a broader spectrum of religious beliefs, with lyrical themes regarding anthropomorphic food and animals replacing the more overt allusions to the Catholic faith. AK Brashear sits down with Aaron to discuss his spiritual journey before mewithoutYou's performance at The Granada.


One thing the boys from Mansion know how to do is chill. And they chill hard. Real hard. On this special two-part "hang sesh" of The Turnpike, the up and coming Lawrence band guides us through two weeks in the life of their band, complete with the sights, the sounds, and the smells of a hard-working rock band in Lawrence. And we got that. But we got more, a lot more. But hey, enough of my yakkin.' Whaddaya say, let's boogie!


Ponytail's sage-like stage presence would undermine their youthful appearances if not for the explosive bouts of energy their songs build to. Originally formed in Baltimore as an art school project, Ponytail has refined their sound while maintaining the raw kineticism of their live shows. The four-piece hangs out with The Turnpike crew and Lawrence diva, Adrianne Verhoeven, at Love Garden Sounds before their show at the Jackpot Music Hall.

The Builders and the Butchers

The Builders and the Butchers have been known to take their wild rumpus of a show out into the streets to jam with the people. Channeling almost every form of early American music, The Butchers have refined their sound and escaped the confines of Portland, OR to bring musical salvation to the rest of world. When the party gets hot, there isn't a person in the crowd who doesn't want to grab an instrument and play along. Fortunately, The Butchers learned to share at a young age and brought enough for everyone.

Starlight Mints

Double the flavor. Double the fun. In this special two-part episode of The Turnpike, Oklahoma orch-pop sensations, The Starlight Mints, light up the stage with an energetic live performance and interview at The Jackpot Music Hall.

The Life and Times

The Life and Times' atmospheric thunder airs on The Turnpike this week with a paint-peeling rock sesh at Lawrence's own Replay Lounge. Playing tracks off their latest album, "Tragic Boogie," the band attempts to blind The Turnpike crew with flashy, bright lights. Nice try Life and Times; it's going to take a lot more than Klieg eyes to stop us.


The Lord (Hammer be thy name) descends upon The Turnpike with great vengeance and furious anger, laying waste to Guitar Hero enthusiast who wish they could tap their plastic controllers as fast as these guys shred. "Mean Dean" Edington guest hosts, catching up with Hammerlord at The Jackpot Saloon.

The Roseline

The Roseline always impresses with their own brand of heartland Americana, thoughtful lyrics, and bountiful chest hair. They join The Turnpike this week with hopes of impressing Bono enough to take them on U2's next European tour.

The Mighty Underdogs

The Mighty Underdogs stop by The Turnpike to drop some science and spin some heads with their tongue-twisting lyricism.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin joins The Turnpike to discuss Mother Russia, Lenin, formaldehyde, and their latest album Pershing. Quite possibly the hottest thing to come out of Springfield, MO since Brad Pitt!

Juke Joint Duo feat. Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm

The Juke Joint Duo featuring Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm visit the Turnpike.

2008: A Year in Rearview

Get behind the scenes with the cast and crew of The Turnpike in this year-end special featuring interviews, gossip, sniping, legends and "cider." (First aired 12-25-08)

Alice Russell

Alice Russell has always heard soul everywhere, from the hymns of her youth to Al Green to, um, Cameo (she admitted that). Maybe that's why she sounds like she has the power of a million singers from heaven and hell behind her. On this episode of The Turnpike, Alice joins us from the Hotel Café Tour, where she stood out not only for her pipes, but also for her black eye. Even roughed up, Alice Russell is a gem. (Aired 12/18/09)

Electric Six

Dick Valentine's stage persona belies his prodigious insecurity, which is lucky for us. Because if he wasn't practically a shut-in, we would be exposed to such a degree of sexiness that only Tom Jones would survive. And very sexy cockroaches. "Flashy," the latest in the compendium of super hits sired by Señor Valentine, is just what you'd expect—rocket fuel for your untamed fantasies.

Dead Confederate

Flouting convention seems to be the order of the day for Dead Confederate. They started out as a jam band that didn't really jam that well, and have morphed into a southern rock band with more in common with Smashing Pumpkins than Skynyrd. Like fellow neo-southern rock acts The Black Angels, they're heavier than a lead musket ball, fuzzier than a Georgia peach, and as welcome as a glass of sweet tea.

The Night Marchers

Asking John "Speedo" Ries not to rock is like asking him not to sweat. Since the disbanding of Rocket From the Crypt, Speedo's been sitting in a dark bedroom thinking of new ways to rock your ass, and what he's come up with is The Night Marchers, a dripping wad of kinetic energy so vast that it defies description. But if I were forced to describe it I would have to say that it's awesome-sized.

Colour Revolt

The Colour Revolt would like you to know that the "u" in their name is not a pretentious "u," but is, indeed, a referential "u." For those who would hold it against them, they offer the addition of a hearty "f" to their "u." Thank you for coming.

Portugal. The Man

We don't care what you say-Portugal. The Man is a terrible name for a band. Just look at that previous sentence. It's a mess. Despite their reckless affront to the grammatical arts and sciences, the group of young Alaskans brings a jangly excitement to their live shows, an on-your-sleeve opinion of their governor, and nonnative species of spiders on their bus.

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down

The first thing you'll notice when Thao Nguyen hits the stage is the transformation from demure and witty boot lover to hot-blooded and ferocious rock machine. Her frenetic stage manner lends an urgency to her lyrics, and and the tight, sparse accompaniment by The Get Down Stay Down keeps the attention on the songs, where it belongs. Thao sits down with Turnpike host Tim vonHolten for an intimate talk about crotch holes, moms and insincerity.

Sarah Buxton

Lawrence homegirl songbird Sarah Buxtonreturns to town for an all-too-rare performance, braving blistering heat and fainting for a hot Bottleneck set. Turnpike host Tim vonHolten sits and sweats with Sarah and talks about home, family and the fickle nature of the music industry.

Kristie Stremel

Founding Frogponder Kristie Stremel has been pounding the pavement with her songs of love and longing for the full 10 years plus since that Lawrence group's breakup. Her seasoned takes on relationships (even the ones not involving stalking) are melodic odes to trying to keep it together. Join The Turnpike for some all-Kristie action as she belts it out at both the Percolator Gallery and the Jackpot Saloon.

The Deadwood Derby

The Deadwood Derby comes roaring out of the gates to the thrill and awe of all present on the episode of The Turnpike. Only the strong survive in blood-soaked bando a bando competition, and The Turnpike is there to witness it all in its acrimonious magnificence.

Blitzen Trapper

What Blitzen Trapper has against the hardest-partying member of St. Nick's antlered squadron is unknown, but what's clear is this: they infuse their intelligent, Dylan-inspired song writing with enough rough-hewn, joyous madness to make a carnie choke.


The DuPree kids of Eisley are just about as sweet and cute as gun-totin' Texans can be. Their mature songwriting belies the family band's combined age of, like, 24, with complex arrangements and soaring vocal harmonies that change more than the DuPree girls' hair colors. Their music exudes all their emotion, with none of the emo.

Spinto Band

Named for legendary Delta Blues player/ Grandfather/ enigma/ hoax/ inspiration Roy Spinto, Spinto Band has been forging their own legend for going on 12 years now. Sporting melodic pop hooks, a David Byrne lookalike, and far too many members, these Wilmington lads will blow your minds with their chops aplenty. Nice fellas, too. Savor the precocious froth of a steaming-hot pint of Spinto Band.

The Whigs

If we'd known that The Whigs were so damnably rockin', we'd have left the Tory party long ago. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that not all bands are created equal. Hear ye, hear ye! The Whigs are Coming! The Whigs are coming!

Hackensaw Boys

Who're ya gonna turn to for an unbeatable, raucous, stump-thumpin' good time? Well? Here now, let us direct you to guide your dainty feet to where the ditties truly vibrate with quality and integrity. The Hackensaw Boys will call your bluff, will shake your tree, shiver your timbers, tickle you pink, and will lead you to ruin and salvation simultaneously. That is a promise.* *Not a legally binding contract.

Rue Melo

We're expecting big things from Rue Melo and her band. The toothsome multi-lingual chansonnier drops it like it's hot, then picks it up and drops it again. This continues until there is nothing left to drop and the viewer is left as heaving and exhausted as a basset hound on a stairmaster. If you like your beats down low, check out Rue and company.

Suzannah Johannes

In her few short months on the Lawrence music scene, Suzannah Johannes has made a big splash. Teaming up with Josh Adams and Dave Wetzal of Ghosty hasn't hurt her any either, nor has her easy and approachable manner. Her quiet but confident songs are introspective but not cloying, and her voice builds up steam with every show. Turnpike host Tim vonHolten shares a toddy by the fire with the toasty chanteuse before her Brandon Woods Retirement Home debut.

This Is My Condition

What can we say about This Is My Condition? It is, after all, HIS condition, and it seems presumptuous to simply guess. We will say that Craig Comstock performs alone, or with another as on this segment of The Turnpike. He plays pop songs that sound like punk rock. He moonlights with Glenn Branca. He's active in his community. He makes pedestrians uncomfortable sometimes. He is a riddle wrapped in an enigma. So just watch the show and see what you take-away (wink wink).

Ha Ha Tonka

As one of the formidable Bloodshot Records' newest signees, Ha Ha Tonka, named for a park somewhere, rains rock down on the masses like freakin' Odin sending valkyries from a mountaintop. Featuring downhome gospel harmonies and juke joint stomp, these Missouri boys will kick your ass with a fury normally reserved for the Jayhawk football team. So right there you've got state parks, Norse mythology, Jesus Christ, and the Blackwood Brothers. If that's not enough to sell you on Ha Ha Tonka, we can't help you. Turnpike host Tim vonHolten finds religion while discussing dishonesty and male nudity at Plymouth Congregational. Hallelujah!

The Shout Out Louds

When it comes to Swedish rock bands who have keyboardists with exploding lungs and an insatiable craving for Surstrmming, Shout Out Louds come immediately to mind. After making us wait years (literally) for their second full-length album, the band has come out svinging with "Our Ill Wills" on Merge records, and were kind enough to humor Turnpike host Tim vonHolten's unhealthy ABBA fixation.

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs

Like her Capote-penned namesake, Holly Golightly the singer is the picture of poise and grace, with an elegantly mischievous side. And in this case a not-so-elegantly mischievous sideman. Just kidding. Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs is a roots-and-rollick revival brought to you by Holly and her longtime collaborator, Lawyer Dave, who were kind enough to sit and share a libation (and a fear of trolls) with The Turnpike's Tim vonHolten before their righteous set at the Jackpot.


Unless you count the bloody Minneapolis vs. St. Paul rap wars of '02, P.O.S. has avoided the pitfalls of his pathetic, posturing, pimptastic peers, instead concentrating on creating vibrant, original music that owes little to the orgy of excess and stupidity currently filling the rap airwaves. Said another way, P.O.S. is simply the savior of hip-hop.

The Old Black

That old black magic has me in its spell. That old black magic that you weave so well. Hell yeah. Rock is back.


Nothing can prepare you for the transformation that occurs when the mild-mannered members of influential hardcore band Coalesce take the stage. Do you think you're ready for the sheer power and glory of this spectacular cyclone of rock power? Are you willing to go head to head with the four-horned beast that is Coalesce? Think again, Buttercup! You will be left for dead in a puddle of your own pee-pee. But if you're masochistic (or stupid) enough to think you've got what it takes to make the grade, view this at your own risk. Make sure you bring a friend to mop you up, Sweet Pants.


It shouldn't surprise anyone that some of the boys from Pearlene were Erika Wennerstrom's backing band on her first Heartless Bastards demo, giving it the sludgy Neu-Gothic chops her pipes required. These Cincinnati stalwarts bring that same Big City meets Old South vibe to their own music, and they don't stand behind anyone.

The Heartless Bastards

The Heartless Bastards are neither heartless, nor bastards. What they are is a powerhouse of gut-driven rock that is more music than should be allowed to come out of three instruments-four if you count Erika Wennerstrom's all-the-way-from-the-knees vocals (and you should). It's rock that hits your nether regions like a rubber mallet, and then hangs on like a hose clamp. Which I guess is pretty heartless after all. In a good way.

The Black Angels

Death metal band? Satanists? Rogue stunt plane squadron? Nope, nope, and nope. To hear the music of Black Angels described-droning, repetitive, lengthy-you'd think they were a jam band. And, in a sense, they are. But when they drag a song out for ages, it's hypnotic, not pretentious and noodling. When they sing about war and introspection, you sense sincerity instead of freshman poetry and a brand-new pot habit and lower-back tattoo. Combine these qualities with the fact that they're some of the most gracious people on the planet and you've got the recipe for a spellbinding, bottom-driven wall of joy. If you can't have a rogue squadron of stunt pilots, Black Angels are definitely the next best thing.

Trampled by Turtles

When these four quick-pickin' young men told us they weren't a bluegrass band, we thought they were full o' crap. Guitar, bass, mandolin, and banjo spells bluegrass in our book. But Trampled By Turtles hasn't read our book, and it's a good thing. They take more from bands like the Flying Burrito Brothers and Pure Prairie League than anything in the Bill Monroe catalog. It's country-fried rock they're playing, via Duluth, Minnesota, and the heat of their music is like a northern summer-hot, sweet, and gone too soon. And full of ticks.

Telly Award!

Enjoy our recognition of our recognition in this short commerical.


We're never happy unless an utterly profane and ridiculous interview ends with a pint glass being heaved through our employer's window. So we're freaking ecstatic now.


It's hard to find a more rough-and-tumble crew of stalwart roots rockers than Lucero. Constantly honing their well-crafted and introspective brand of road-weary love songs, along with their seemingly hollow legs and industrial-strength livers, the boys of Lucero have cranked up the rock for their newest effort, "Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers." Watch, and believe that this title is nothing if not autobiographical.

The Deadwood Derby

On May 4th, five stalwart entries fought tooth and nail for the title of the Deadwood Derby 2007 Champion. The competition was fierce, the drinks strong, the crowd and musicians sweaty. At the end of the night, Dead Girls Ruin Everything prevailed with a set of rock so tight that a pipe wrench was necessary to extract the audience from the venue when they finished. Fellow gladiators Sterilize Stereo, Kaw Valley Project, Left on Northwood, and The Old Black brought their best game and kept the folks at the Granada rockin' all night. But in the end, to quote the great Christopher Lambert, "There can be only one." The Turnpike was there to capture this spectacle of musical combat, which we now bring to you via the internet medium. So stop searching for animal porn long enough to take a peek into the heart of the Lawrence music scene.




Yoichi Sakamoto, leader of elekibass and also label owner of waikiki records. His strange leverage is leading the band to create good music and label is releasing wonderful music continuously. If you have any interest, please make a contact. A man impossible to hate, exhilarating party guy. Yoichi Sakamoto, his band and his label is always ready to take off!! Favorites are The Beatles, The Kinks, NRBQ, Os Mutantes, Kevin Ayers, Of Montreal, Small Faces, The Who...etc. Fabulous pop melody, little twist of psychedelic and strange feelings, And of course, Rock and Roll at heart. You know what I mean! Those feelings are just driving us crazy.

The Colour

L.A. band The Colour have a sensory-deprivation space in their van, and sometimes emerge from it with sculpted facial hair and afros, even though they are not Wolfmother. This very special Turnpike touches on the subjects of mean relatives, huge tiny record labels, and much more, but deftly avoids the sensitive topic of European spellings. Witness if you will, the new colour of rock!

The Spores

If you like songs about meat performed by puppets, steer clear of The Spores. Because you may just fall in love. Not that all their song are about meat. Far from it. And they really don't want you to kill yourself. They just say they do. Or maybe they really do. Either way, doing so would deprive you of their signature brand of puppet-fueled rock mania. Stunbunny and Tito Zzoro of The Spores are joined by their puppets Molly McGuire, Greg Biribauer, and Kenny Pierce, all of whom have better manners.

Of Montreal

Witness the androgynous splendour of one Georgie Fruit, the black she-male front person for Of Montreal. The singer/songwriter formerly known as Kevin Barnes was possessed by the aforementioned persona of indeterminate sex during the spawning of Hissing Fauna: Are You the Destroyer?, the band's latest record, and has yet to loosen his/her hold on Mr. Barnes, the rest of the band, or audiences worldwide. Although Georgie was unable to speak with The Turnpike due to a backstage spa session, emissaries were graciously sent in his/her stead to expound on Norway, music, etc.

The Drams

Once upon a time in Denton, Texas, there was a band called Slobberbone who were so alt- that no one could figure out what they were an alternative to. They rocked the planet so hard that, like a candle that burns too bright, they lit our way for a time and then turned to liquid, and soon were nought but a little metal circle that was still hot but would no longer burn in spite of the tiny bit of wick that was still attached. But then, three out of four members of Slobberbone joined up with two members of Dallas' Budapest One to form sort of a hard-rockin' power trio, but with five guys. They are called The Drams, and you are forbidden to dislike them.

Split Lip Rayfield Tribute

Our loving tribute to a man and a band.


Witness the phenomenal Volunteers. Relative newcomers to the Lawrence music scene, they nevertheless managed to produce not only their debut, but also (in our humble opinions as judges and arbiters of all thing great and wonderful) the best album of 2006. Don't believe us? Well, my friends, that is your prerogative, but you would be, sadly and oh-so-completely, wrong. But don't take our word for it even though you should. Give a listen to the sweet sounds of Volunteers, captured live at Daybreak Recording Co., playing songs from the imaginatively titled "Volunteers."


If there's anything that stands out about The Pomonas, it's their can-do, never-say-die attitude. First of all, they're called The Pomonas, which takes balls. Second, various members live in a house that should, and probably will, soon be condemned. Then there's the bunny. But the most convincing evidence of their lionhearted tenacity is their refusal to admit that they're not really a band anymore. Instead of packing it in after losing one member to marriage and one to Seattle, these intrepid souls chose to record a new album in the eight days that their pre-implosion schedule allowed. And they actually succeeded. We haven't heard the record, but we're looking forward to hooks aplenty. Ladies and germs, please welcome the best band you've never heard that's not a band anymore but is still recording.

Citizen Cope

Although Orson Welles had little to no involvement in the production of Citizen Cope, Clarence Greenwood's songs have a cinematic scope that would do El Rotundo proud. Gritty tales of longing, injustice, and loss vein through his music with righteous indignation, leaving you tapping your foot to the despair left behind. Cope shaved, showered, and spoke among the glorious trappings of the Liberty Hall basement, Lawrence's own Xanadu, while on tour for his latest recording, "Every Waking Moment." No snowglobes were harmed in the filming of this episode.


Supporting their newest album "Garden Ruin," los mejores mðsicos del Arizona, Calexico, visit the Bottleneck, and host Tim vonHolten sits down with Joey Burns, the beating heart of el grupo. Lawrence never fails to take on a hot, dry climate when Calexico comes to town, and they always burn down the house.


2006 lawrence.com Deadwood Derby winners Trucker were kind enough to hunker down at the Jazzhaus, pre-show, to talk about record labels, manboobs, and drinking. And for that we thank them. Ladies and gentlemen, Trucker.

Split Lip Rayfield

To celebrate the 100th episode of the mighty Turnpike, we came full circle to the band that helped us kick off the whole wild ride - the merry roving troubadours of Split Lip Rayfield, the guests on the very first Turnpike. Witness the spectacle, the grandeur, the kitty t-shirts. We proudly give you the 100th episode.

The Mendoza Line

Bearing no resemblance to the mythical middling baseball batting average, The Mendoza Line excels at musical odes to love, the other thing, and all in between. We're hoping it was love that brought them together with host Tim vonHolten to The Replay Lounge, where they left not a dry eye in the house. And it wasn't just the 105-degree heat.

Hurra Torpedo

This week The Turnpike brings you a band that requires no introduction in Norway. Or in many parts of Estonia. Hurra Torpedo is the preeminent appliance-based metal/flamenco internet phenomenon, and now they're here on our computer-based "website." Hurra!

Jesus Christ Superstar (Day)

And lo, it became known to all that they had missed a show of great magnitude, that their lives were as a mustard seed without the seeing of it. So the multitude came unto Wakarusa and played again the Jesus Christ Superstar, and once again rocked it.

Jesus Christ Superstar (Night)

And it was written that the greatest story ever told should be converted to a rock musical called Jesus Christ Superstar, and that it should star Ian Gillan, among others. And in the dawn of a new century, it became known that a group of shining Lawrence musical luminaries should play this music without loin cloths. And it was good.

Wakarusa Festival 2006 (Part 2)

In 2006, the stout-hearted folks from the Wakarusa Festival once again pulled off the must-attend event of the summer.

The Stills

When you think of Montreal, instead of thinking of secession, you should be thinking of The Stills. And toques. But mostly of The Stills. These long-time associates of those smartasses from Vice Records were kind enough to stop by The Turnpike's Bottleneck offices to discuss their new record, "Without Feathers." Nous les remercions.

Wakarusa Festival 2006 (Part 1)

In 2006, the stout-hearted folks from the Wakarusa Festival once again pulled off the must-attend event of the summer.

The Flaming Lips (Part 2)

Just when you thought The Turnpike could get no more awesome, we got still much more awesomer. We're proud to bring you Part 2 of the historic June 10, 2006 Flaming Lips concert at Clinton Lake State Park. Witness the joyful throngs of festival-goers as they fall under the magical spell of these traveling choristers, and fall under the spell yourself.

The Flaming Lips (Part 1)

On Saturday, June 10, 2006, history was made at Clinton Lake State Park. The Flaming Lips, as witnessed by all present, descended from the swirling, storm-filled skies above the Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival and whisked away the feeling of foreboding with a psychedelic frenzy of herculean magnitude. Giant hamster ball, confetti cannons, Santas, aliens, weddings, enormous projections, and - oh yes! - music. The rising barometric pressure only served to press a cloud of positivity down on the audience like a veil of laughing gas. And the audience, born to follow the every whim of these Flaming Lips, responded like a massive, giddy puppet under the control of a genial madman. Yep, pretty good.


From Brooklyn, NY comes Cordero, an intoxicating blend of romance, lust, and rock with a Latin flavor. Husband/wife duo Chris Verene and Ani Cordero, along with Omar Little and Eric Eble, dare you to stand still as they rock the Bottleneck.


The name of the band is Morningwood. Their signature live song is "Take Off Your Clothes." Prepare yourself for a very touching episode of The Turnpike.

Ad Astra Per Aspera part 2

The continuing adventures of Ad Astra Per Aspera, the worthy band lawrence.com chose to sponsor at this year's South by Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas. If you haven't seen AAPA receive free shoes and eat sushi, you really haven't lived.

Ad Astra Per Aspera part 1

Coming to you from a postage stamp-sized stage in Austin, Texas is Ad Astra Per Aspera. Witness their grand musical adventure, beginning on the road to South by Southwest, culminating with a performance in front of label execs, friendly musicians and stupid bartenders, and ending with a happy homecoming to Ad Astra Central HQ in Lawrence, Kansas.

The New Amsterdams

After putting out lots of real albums without a "real" band, Matt Pryor's former side project now has a steady lineup. In celebration of this new stability and their great new record, "Story Like a Scar," The Turnpike crew threw The New Amsterdams a coming-out party, complete with flowers. And, for no reason, kids in pajamas.

Nada Surf

With the release of "The Weight is a Gift" on Barsuk records, Nada Surf has once again made an album using their unhurried, "If it ain't broke, fix it anyway" approach, and it's resulted in an absolute pop masterpiece. Bear witness to the latest reinvention of Nada Surf from their March 23 Granada Theater show.

The Billions

When The Billions are not ripping through their melodious brand of holistic glitz-pop, you can expect to find them out shootin' stuff up at their compound outside Lawrence. These rock and roll bad boys ceased their campaign of mayhem and destruction long enough to sit down for a chat with Turnpike host Tim vonHolten at Casa del Billiones.

Mute Math

Witness, if you will, the sheer pandemonium generated onstage and off by these dervishes of New Orleans. The most fun you can have with cobbled-together electronics, buckets of sweat, and taped-on headphones. We give you Mute Math.

Charlie Parr

Where do you go for genuine deep-south Piedmont-style blues in this day and age? Well, it should go without saying that you go to Duluth, Minnesota. And when you get to Duluth, you look up Charlie Parr at one of his weekly hometown gigs. Or maybe you can catch him on the road. Or you homebodies can click on the links below and prepare to have your porch swing blown off its hinges via the world wide internets. Whichever method you choose, you'll be caught in a foot-stomping frenzy as soon as his fingers touch the strings.

Roman Numerals

We know from countless after-school specials that when jokes go too far, people get hurt. When jokes go just far enough, we get Roman Numerals. Started as a Joy Division tribute band, Roman Numerals has long since grown into full-time purveyors of original upbeat darkness. Add to that the fact that two members recently opened the Record Bar, the hottest musician-friendly spot for live music in Kansas City, and you've got one-stop shopping for ROCK.


What can we really say about Anthrax? Long before they created rap-metal with songs like "I'm the Man" and "Bring the Noise," the men of the 'thrax were some of the preeminent shredders of the late twentieth century. This episode of the Turnpike shows the band back in it's original lineup, and they're still bringing the noise. So get in the pit.

Truckstop Honeymoon

Husband and wife team Mike West and Katie Euliss make up Truckstop Honeymoon, and they bring bluegrass and old-timey music with a vaudeville flair to the Gaslight Tavern in this family-friendly episode of The Turnpike.

The Detroit Cobras

We don't know what it is about Detroit. Nothing against our own cornfed brethren, but Detroit churns out rock like the French roll out crepes and white flags. Once again, the Turnpike crew supplies you with everything you need to attain realization and legitimacy through rock. Don't squander this precious resource. Ladies and gentlemen, The Detroit Cobras.

Against Me!

Nobody gets the kids whipped into a froth like the daring young men of Against Me! Witness the mayhem of audience participation gone hopelessly awry! Ride the wave of excitement as the entire doomed-from-the-start endeavor spins dangerously out of control! And that's just the interview!

The Epoxies

If, all of a sudden, the world develops some common sense, The Epoxies will be made the Universal Vice Presidents In Charge of Rump Shaking. If you aren't vibrating just from anticipation of the episode you're about to watch, you may already be lost. Come on smell The Epoxies.

Midday Ramblers

If there's anything better than BBQ and country music, we don't want to know about it. Join host Tim vonHolten as he digs in with Midday Ramblers, Lawrence's dapper bluegrass boys.

The Black Rabbits

Not only are The Black Rabbits the most musically gifted members of the Family Laporidae, they also give one hell of an interview and make a perfectly delicious stew. 1 three pound rabbit 6 small onions, chopped 1 bay leaf ½ cup chopped celery 2 tsp. salt 2 cups diced carrots 3 raw potatoes, cut up 3 tbs. flour 1 tbs. chopped parsley Clean rabbit and soak in salted water. Drain, disjoint it in pieces for serving and place in a large kettle with onions, bay leaf, celery and salt. Cover with cold water and cook slowly until tender, about two hours. Add chopped carrots and potatoes and continue cooking until these vegetables are done. Smooth flour with a little cold water and add slowly. When thickened, add chopped parsley and serve. Join host Tim vonHolten and The Black Rabbits as they ruminate (and marinate) on Easter, Leon Redbone, and squirrels on this utterly terrifying Halloween episode of The Turnpike.

Rose Hill Drive

Rose Hill Drive just want to rock. That's about all there is to say about that, except that they may finally enable you to reconcile your love of classic rock with your hatred of classic rock radio. But whether or not you're happy with the ridiculous lack of variety corporate radio allows you to hear (Yes, Virginia, Bad Company wrote more than two songs), you're still going to love Rose Hill Drive and their instantly familiar-feeling brand of gut-pounding grooves.


These dern kids and their indie rock music. There oughtta be a law. No respect fer decent folk, what with their tight pants and long hair and their cellos and ball caps. No decent person'll put up with it, no sir. And that Tim vonHolten, he's old enough to know better. Dernnit.

Son Venezuela

It's hard to find a band in this area that can draw the masses of people that Son Venezuela can, let alone transform them into the sweating, smiling, samba machines that they become as soon as the music starts. Join Turnpike host Tim vonHolten for an intimate fireside chat with three of the band's members, then put on something slinky and try not to smash into your computer as you lose yourself in this award-winning Latin band's rhythms.


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away: So begins the epic saga we've all grown up with; a tale of good vs. evil, a tale of remorse and redemption, a tale of limb-chopping derring-do - the Ghosty Turnpike episode. Turnpike host/Jedi Master Tim vonHolten and five young Padawan learners meet on the surface of Dagobah and begin an epic adventure of : Oh hell, there's just no way to justify the Star Wars theme. Just enjoy it. And may Ghosty be with you.

Wakarusa Festival, 2005 (Part 2)

Another dose (hee hee) of homegrown (ho ho) festival goodness. Thanks again to the kind (oh, just stop it) organizers of this year's best summer event.

Wakarusa Festival, 2005 (Part 1)

The 2005 Wakarusa Fest had more of everything - more beer, more stages, more bands. . . and definitely more heat. The only horrific mishap to put a damper on the festivities was the conspicuous lack of fried Twinkies, but you can't pull off an event of this magnitude without some sort of catastrophe. The Turnpike crew and host Tim vonHolten doff their knitted rainbow berets to the organizers and staff of this year's must-attend summer activity.


Good morning day! Join 2005 KJHK Farmer's Ball and Scion Next Up winner Reach, DJ Ataxic, and Turnpike host Tim vonHolten on their morning commute to the hip-hop factory. Put in some overtime with the positive rhymes of this KC up-and-comer.

Drive-by Truckers

The Turnpike humbly presents perhaps the greatest touring rock band currently in existence. If you disagree, I'd keep it to yourself. Just sit back, enjoy some tasty bbq, and, in the words of the mighty DBT, "Shut your mouth and play along."

Radar Brothers

Join Turnpike host Tim vonHolten as he, through the pillowy haze of failing Nyquil and a silly mustache, gets warm and fuzzy with Radar Brothers, kings of psychedilic sweetness. The cure for common music.

Dogs Die in Hot Cars

Dogs Die in Hot Cars, when not dodging boogies and dreaming of pooh, ride around on a bus spreading copious amounts of infectious pop throughout the world. Their debut record on V2, "Please Decribe Yourself" is an unabashedly catchy glimpse into the frequently irritated mind of singer Craig Macintosh. Get your rabies booster and join the Turnpike as they catch the dogs at their Granada performance. Grrrrr.


When you imagine exotic locales, your mind may wander to Tahiti. Or maybe to Oahu or one of the other islands on that faraway continent of Hawaii. But no more, mis amigos. Come with us to those romantic days of yesteryear, when vacationing families from here and abroad traversed hill and dale to spend their tourist time and dollars in Abilene, Kansas, Greyhound Capital of the World (the dogs, not the busses). Or, if your sojourner spirit craves more spice, join us in Cabo San Lucas, which is in Mexico (pronounce the 'x' like an 'h' to impress the locals). Even if you're a homebody, but still have a keen sense of adventure, you can belly up to the Woolworth's luncheon counter and order up the SizzleLean (with grilled onions) for a tasty treat. But save some energy, wayfarers, for the best part of the trip; the part where Turnpike host Tim vonHolten talks gravy and sadness with those nice folks from Abileen (the rock band, not the greyhound capital or the cholesterol-laden snack food) at the Gaslight. When it comes to wholesome, delicious rock, Abileen really satisfies.

Crooked Fingers

What happens when you take a talented singer/songwriter and toreador enthusiast who can actually articulate why he writes the music he does, and put him in a comfy booth with Turnpike host Tim vonHolten? They talk. They teach. They share. Indie rock icon Eric Bachman (formerly of Archers of Loaf) was kind enough to squat a while at the Eighth Street Taproom before his band Crooked Fingers' Bottleneck show. Sit back and enjoy some straight shooting with Crooked Fingers.


With "Hard Times are In Fashion," newly transplanted Lawrencian Rob Suchan finds the strongest Koufax lineup yet. Tim vonHolten tosses back a pint with Suchan, erstwhile ivory tinkler Jared Rosenberg, and newest members Rob and Ryan Pope, at the Bourgeois Pig on a chilly Spring evening. This episode features footage from Eudora's Black Lodge Recording and Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence. When The Boss penned "Dancing in the Dark," he probably wasn't thinking about Koufax, but when you hear their contagiously upbeat ditties of unbridled pessimism, you may find yourself frug-ing yourself over to the nearest molotov cocktail. Vive la revolution! Vive la Koufax!

Diamond Nights

Hailing from New York City, Diamond Nights has been dazzling audiences across the globe with the cut, carat, clarity, and color of their rocking gems. We hit the Jackpot when Diamond Nights, always a girl's best friends, came to town for a flawless night of priceless entertainment.

Hot Rod Circuit

Hot Rod Circuit is a fast machine, and the cleanliness of their motor is beyond reproach. Join Turnpike host Tim vonHolten as he interviews the band before their Top Fuel qualifying round at The Bottleneck.

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings are crafting stacks of the kind of funkalicious r&b and soul music that hasn't been heard outside of James Brown's hallucinations in decades. So get hip and slide on over to The Turnpike for a lesson in cool from the Queen of Funk.

The Wilders

Joining us live from the Victorian Veranda Country Inn are The Wilders, Kansas City's hardest working (and most exuberant) band. When The Wilders are in town you know you're going to get a full helpin' of collard greens and old-time music, and - if you're lucky - a face full of boudin. That's prounounced boo-dan (with a capital P, according to Ike). Tim vonHolten talks money, pork, and fishin' with the undisputed kings of KC country.

OK Jones

OK Jones

Old Canes

Old Canes is the side project of Appleseed Cast frontman Chris Crisci. The music of Old Canes is difficult to describe without sending readers down the wrong path with words like, folk, indie rock, blue grass, up beat, and melancholy. All of which could be words used to describe it. It's not folk music though, or blue grass but it definitely draws tons of influence from those genres. And it is up beat most of the time, but melancholy all at once. Sit down at the bar at the Replay with guest host Peter Buxton and Crisci and listen to him weave a yarn or two.

Red Guitar

Red Guitar brings their tight harmonies and easy rockin' sound down to the farm on this episode of The Turnpike. Join host Tim vonHolten as Red Guitar, armed with nought but a tiny woodstove, brings the hot rock to a frigid Kansas day, making it as cozy as an Ingalls family Christmas.

Arcade Fire

The Arcade Fire is one of the year's most unexpected success stories. The Montreal-based collective's debut album "Funeral" has been both critically adored and dissected (the album's themes of reconciliation and mourning were inspired by the deaths of family members). Despite the solemn existentialist overtones, the band's music is quite uplifting. Like Broken Social Scene or The Walkmen, The Arcade Fire divides its efforts between soaring rock songs and sublime indie-folk.

Anders Parker

Witness, if you will, Anders Parker, another symbol of the impending (however long overdue) demise of thoughtless corporate music. Ah, who are we kidding? Anders has been doing this a long time, his stint with Varnaline garnering him loyal fans and critical praise, but alas, no superstardom. His first self-named record, "Tell It To the Dust," is another smart, touching effort that puts him yet another step above Maroon Five on the evolutionary scale.

Truck Stop Love

Long before it was cool to wear a trucker hat, a little band from Manhattan, Kan. called Truck Stop Love stopped drinking long enough (actually, on some occasions they stopped vomiting long enough) to make beautiful music. A few CDs slowly crept across the plains and into the stereos of America. And those albums were played loud. Whisk (or whiskey) yourself back to the '90s with Truck Stop Love and their 2004 reunion show in Lawrence.

Apollo 13

"We are venting something out into space." - Apollo 13 Commander James A. Lovell, Jr. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of two mercifully defunct Lawrence bands comes Apollo 13, a groovy amalgam of Tom Jones-era spy music, modern rock, and, uh, Tom Jones. Host Tim vonHolten gives the band more crap than they probably deserve, only to be shamed at putt-putt golf. It's one giant leap for the Turnpike.

Sleep Station

Tired of the standard indie-rock themes like love, loss, and lost love? Try Sleep Station on for size. Frontman Dave Debiak writes bee-u-tiful pop songs steeped in concepts that may superficially touch on these topics, but then veer toward such weighty subjects as war, loneliness, despair, and necrophilia. Always a good time. Dave and Turnpike host Tim vonHolten braved the air raid-level volume of Aimee's coffee house to talk about greatness, tuberculosis, and broken vans before the band's "Rock the Vote" show (unfortunately, the wrong vote was rocked) at the Granada .

The Golden Republic

The Golden Republic originally formed in 1999 in KC as a five-piece glam-rock band called the People. In 2004, the band signed with Astralwerks and changed their name to The Golden Republic. This is their story.


Empire -- Kansas City's most renown latino gansta rappers -- stop off on The Turnpike with host Tim vonHolten while touring with Tech N9ne in support of the groups debut album "Crowned," a cross-genre monster that's as nasty as they wannit to be. Put the kids to bed and crank up the EM-PI-AH!

Cowboy Junkies

In a world torn apart by, well, our current administration, it's nice to know that music can still cross the borders of intolerance, hatred, and North Dakota. Enjoy Cowboy Junkies' narcotic rural rock while you can, because eventually, Dubya will find out about Canada. Sublime vocalist Margo Timmins agreed to be gushed over by host Tim vonHolten at Tellers for the interview before the band's Aug. 29 show at The Granada Theatre.

Asylum Street Spankers

Austin, TX's Asylum Street Spankers have built a cult following devoted to the band's eclectic brand of acoustic blues, bluegrass and early jazz music, often incorporating traditional numbers from the '20s and '30s into their now-amplified sets. But don't go thinkin' The Spankers are a bunch of PBS-watching ninnies - their album "Spanker Madness" revolved entirely around smoking ganja and crowd favorites include dirty songs like "Everybody's F***ing But Me."


The most hilarious indie-rock story of the year emerged when Detroit rock band The Waxwings split with their label Bobsled Records and a letter from label president Bob Salerno leaked all over the internet. But the real story is the new brand psychedelia that these Detroit lads are putting out.

Dead Girls Ruin Everything

Dead Girls Ruin Everything is the molten white-hot supergroup formed from the ashes of Ultimate Fakebook and Podstar. As Klaus Meine from the Scorpions once sang: "Bad boys running wild/If you don't play along with their games/Bad boys running wild/Then you better get out of their way!"

Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival 2004 (Part 2)

It starts with a "W" and drew thousands of music fans. No, not Woodstock, but still the largest music festival to go down in Lawrence in that cool, breezy summer of 2004. It was the first since the '90s Omega festivals to pair camping with the shows. Among the 50+ acts at Wakarusa were O.A.R., Hairy Apes BMX, Guided By Voices, Lucero, and Split Lip Rayfield. In this episode: (segment 1) Lucero, (2) Jazz Mandolin Project, (3) Hackensaw Boys, (4) Drive-By Truckers, (5) Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Also available, Episode I.

Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival 2004 (Part 1)

It starts with a "W" and drew thousands of music fans. No, not Woodstock, but still the largest music festival to go down in Lawrence in that cool, breezy summer of 2004. It was the first since the '90s Omega festivals to pair camping with the shows. Among the 50+ acts at Wakarusa were O.A.R., Hairy Apes BMX, Guided By Voices, Lucero, and Split Lip Rayfield. In this episode: (segment 1) The Bottlerockets, (2) Galactic, (3) Bob Schneider, (4) Slobberbone and (5) Robert Randolph. Also available, Episode II.

Santo Gold

Santo Gold plays an adventurous, dark brand of guitar rock that recalls bands like Fugazi and the Minutemen or -- on a local level -- Vitreous Humor and Zoom. They like appearing in costume on stage, but when on TV shows they prefer action figure representation -- all of which prevents the raging mob from discovering their identities and thereby harassing them on the street, at parties, in the can and such...

Salt The Earth

Lawrence's screaming pop four STE appear on The Turnpike courtesy of Old English malted beverages, available in 40 and 64 oz. convenience containers. Thank you.

Buffalo Saints

Neither buffalo nor saints, Thom Hoskins and Ryan "Barbarosa" Johnson craft Tupelesque ditties of raw American minimalist rock power. Join the boys on Alabama Street as host Tim vonHolten guides you on a trip to the happy hunting ground, where songs are sung from a heart of whiskey and gin, and buffalo are, uh, canonized, possibly for their work with charitable organizations, but most likely because of their martyrdom at the hands of Ted Nugent. Whatever. We give you Buffalo Saints.

Marching Cobras

Kansas City's Marching Cobras have performed for four U.S. Presidents, including the 52nd Inaugural Parade for Bill Clinton. They've won more than 300 first place awards. They've been on five national television shows. And this June, they claimed the crown jewel in their crown: The Turnpike.

Punk Rock Showcase

Highlights from the Punk Rock Showcase, including Unknown Stuntman (clips 1 and 5), King TP (clip 1), Mass. St. Murder (clip 2), Circle of Trust (clip 3), and Iron Guts Kelly (clip 4).

The Esoteric

The Esoteric are quite simply the most crushingly brutal metal band in Lawrence. And in the Midwest. And in the world. Even in the netherworlds. Prepare to succumb to the menacing men in black. (Perhaps the 'teric and host Tim vonHolten could interest you in some delightful seasonal flora?)

Red School Rockin Jamboree

The Rockin Jamboree is a fundraiser for the Lawrence Community Nursery School, founded in 1948 by a coalition of parents striving to provide cooperative, interracial, low-cost preschool education. The Jamboree features local music, food, games, and plenty of cotton candy for the kids.


Brooklyn's Enon are John Schmersal, Rick Lee, Toko Yasuda and Matt Schultz . They explore the space between pop-rock and noise, with samples, industrial sound processing, and percussion. Though not as inclined toward 60s and 70s melodies a la groups like Olivia Tremor Control, there are yet curious pop tunes lurking in their sound.

The Adam Stokes Band

Adam Stokes and his band of merry men.

The Capsules

Formed and fronted by Shallow mainstays Jason and Julie Shields, The Capsules are an inspired dream-pop band with magnetic female vocals. The trio has recently made their home in Lawrence and lays out the haps with Turnpike host Tim vonHolten.

Minus Story

The self-described "wall of crap" erected by Lawrence's Minus Story is self-described as "fuzzy and full of sunshine, but also full of dark clouds and cold rain and is wistful and billowing, much like the music of The Zombies, Smile-era Beach Boys, Circulatory System and Neutral Milk Hotel."

Tech N9ne

When Lawrence/KC hip-hop gets a spot on the national map, Tech N9ne will no doubt be hailed as the 'originator.' And damn if he doesn't deserve it. Tech has powered his way through a decade of hardships and haters, back-stabbing and broken contracts to get bigger and badder every year. His lyrical talent has earned him props from Tupac, Eminem, and many more. Tech will always be from KC, but he and his crew have moved their ops to LA, a logical step needed to take his music to the next level. At this, his second homecoming show since moving, Tech takes time to talk to Turnpike host Tim vonHolten.

Ming + FS

NYC's drum'n'bass duo Ming + FS brought their self-described "junkyard" sound -- combining elements of old school hip-hop, jungle, electro, turntablism and live instrumentation -- to Lawrence for the Valentine's Day 'phuk luv' party. Join Ming + FS and host Tim vonHolten as they probe the soft, fleshy tissue called the human heart. . . and find love in the process.

Free State Music Festival

Who needs hollers and cricks when you can have heated swimming pools and discount room rates? The Free State Music Festival serves up bluegrass Holidome-style, with posh conference rooms and professional-grade PA systems. It might not be how Bill Monroe envisioned it when he invented the genre six decades ago, but it's the way of the world for his son James, who has been traveling the country with The Midnight Ramblers for the better part of 30 years after leaving his father's "Bluegrass Boys" to pursue a solo career. Besides the opportunity to see a living link to history, this festival offers a collection of the best local talent, including the high-energy show of The Wilders. If you couldn't make it to Winfield this year, here's the next best thing. Featuring James Monroe and the Midnight Ramblers. Two days of traditional Bluegrass, Old Time Country and other acoustic music styles presented in an indoor setting. The Festival is expected to draw fans of roots music to the Lawrence Holidome. The event also features crafts and music vendors and non-stop jamming by local and area musicians. Clip 1 -- Spontaneous Combustion Clip 2 -- Salty Dog Clip 3 -- Faris Family / James Monroe Clip 4 -- Wilders Clip 5 -- Spontaneous Combustion

Fourth of July

Fourth of July welcomes The Turnpike crew into their home and their hot tub for some good times. Beer, scintillating banter, songs about heartbreak, and beer abound.

Julia Peterson

At times, she's been Lawrence's hardest working singer-songwriter, hosting weekly folk open-mic nights and writing many a song. These days Julia Peterson is laying a bit lower, gigging now and again, but mostly just maxin' with her bad self. On this episode, she plays tunes from her album "Unrequited Love Songs" and talks with host Tim vonHolten about what she's been up to the last couple years and the new band in her life... right up until the shocking ending.

Drakkar Sauna

Lawrence's bluegrass greats Drakkar Sauna are captured here for the last time in this Turnpike episode, just before their untimely deaths. Actually their untimely deaths are captured here in this very Turnpike episode. Uh, just kidding. Maybe you don't find that to be funny? Well, there's loads of non-joking-about-death footage in this episode, including live music!

The Shins

The Shins might just be the most universally liked indie rock band since Pavement. The Albuquerque (NM) band's second record -- "Chutes Too Narrow" (Sub Pop) -- surprised everybody by being as good (if not better) than 2001's "Oh, Inverted World." The band's unassuming rock can be deceptively simple, weaving elements of Brit-pop, chamber pop and Americana into lyrically challenging folk ditties. Host Tim vonHolten chats with these four very affable young men before their November 22nd show at The Granada.

Deep Thinkers

The Deep Thinkers are lyricist Brother of Moses -- probably the foremost "conscious" local MC -- and Lenny D, easily one of the top three producers in town. Host Tim vonHolten talks with the duo in Recycled Sounds in KC between clips of their CD release show at the Pool Room (recorded on Nov. 14, 2003).

Filthy Jim

Drink, Rock, Pass Out...Named after a slang term for a used condom, Filthy Jim's debut record is aptly titled "Whiskey and Porn." Propelled by high-speed tempos that race as if a prize will be awarded at the finish line, this Lawrence band seems confident in having cornered the market on scuzzball rock and roll. Host Tim v talks with the band in Pet World and the band rocks balls out.

Trailer Bride

Trailer Bride is Southern to their core. They come from a land full of snakes, ticks, chiggers, stultifying heat and humidity. You even have to keep your eye on the plants -- poison sumac, oak, and ivy blanket the terrain. If you let yourself get too dreamy and unfocused, you might perish. Given such an environment, it's no wonder that Trailer Bride move at their own pace, that their songs weave wearily and warily through the woods, and that they somehow recreate the sound of sweat rolling down a glass of iced tea, or of a vine creeping up the leg of couch left out on the porch. They hypnotize with songs of sex, death, sin and redemption. If that fails, they can bring the house down with their wicked slide-guitar mojo abandon. Host Tim vonHolten asks them specific questions and the band plays some licks.


Flavorful hip-hop producer Miles Bonny and lip-smackin lyricist Joe Good have collaborated as SoundsGood for several years now, but it's only really been a year that the duo has made a concerted effort to bust out. And that they have. Host Tim vonHolten rolls in Miles' ride down Mass. St. as SoundsGood elaborates on their vision and their work. Special props to producer Jon Mohr, whose work on this piece manages to improve on his always fine work.

Yo La Tengo

Matador's musicians' band visits The Granada and visits with host Timmy V out on the Replay veranda. Never heard Yo La Tengo? Wondering what the Hoboken(NJ)-based trio sound like? Think: Space, but not that new age Casio shite. This is space with texture; like you can actually see the grid Tussin-style. Space rock and roll. More of the roll, though. Like a spliff. Dipped in sweet, sweet honey. That was made by millions of bees, all feeling *really* good. Amazing.

Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas

A camper's snapshot of the premiere bluegrass festival in the Midwest.

The Appleseed Cast

Highlights from AC's Sept. 12 CD release show at The Bottleneck. The sound mix by Chris Crisci and Ben Tuttle does the orchestral evening justice and the interview at Royal Crest Lanes reveals the softer side of the Cast. Extra bonus featurette includes: Confessions and Bowling Confessions.

Rooster Blastoff

In a town like Lawrence, there's bound to be one, maybe two, bands that please like Rooster Blastoff pleases. Introducing, Rooster Blastoff...

Danny Pound and David Swenson

Personality Tim vonHolten of television's The Turnpike sits down with Danny Pound and David Swenson on the latter's porch to talk about things. You know, The DP Band. What they're up to, the next big thing, (not) indie labels, where the music comes from, the difference between being musicians or being career musicians or musicians in business, etc. They also play some choice tunes in David's living room. Awesome.

The New Pornographers

Beloved personality and host of television's The Turnpike sits down with the supergroup themselves in the basement of the Eighth Street Taproom (gracias Jeremy). The New Pornographers are Carl Newman (Zumpano), John Collins (Thee Evaporators), Dan Bejar (Destroyer), Blaine Thurier (cartoonist/filmmaker), Fisher Rose and Neko Case. (Notice: This episode -- though available for download -- is currently not streaming. That means three things: 1. This episode will not play the already-downloaded-part while the still-downloading-part downloads; 2. You have to wait for the whole segment to download before it will begin playing; 3. This could take a while, so go do to that thing you've been meaning to do, but have been too freakin OCD-busy to do. Then watch the downloaded clip. Please stand by for the fixin of the stream. Thank you.)

Rocky Votolato

Indie rock singer-songwriter Rocky Votolato provides respite for those ailing from the otherwise predictable genre. Texan-born Votolato formed acclaimed rock band Waxwing in '96 and as is common of most prolific songwriters, Votolato discovered that his writing style began moving into new musical territory. It seemed appropriate to find a fresh outlet for the material that didn't lend itself as readily to a rock format. While 2001's Burning My Travels Clean was a step towards a more focused approach, the more accomplished of his releases is this year's Suicide Medicine, a melodious blend of all the strong points of his earlier efforts. Host Tim vonHoltenstein raps with Rocky V about things (in the comfort of the patio at Lawrence's Java Break) and Rocky breaks it down one time live in the serenity of the Dusty Bookshelf.

Floyd the Barber

Normally equal parts jazz and metal, the boys from Floyd the Barber show us their conservative side in this installment from Pachamama's. Even thought they're playing standards, you can still dig their subversive vibe. It ain't Tesh and it ain't G. Take jazz back to the whorehouse with host Tim vonHolten and Floyd the Barber.

Arthur Dodge

Giddyup hoss. Arthur and host Tim vH, straddle up some saddles for, well ... a lit bitta drinkin', some smokin', and a lot of damn fine times done up as only Arthur can. Solo-style on Shalor's piano.

( blue )

Art rock vanguard? Or new height of local rock pretense? Earnest movement? Or bowel movement? Host Tim vonHolten gets the "inside" answers straight from the Lawrence foursome themselves. (We're gonna say that they're split right down the middle on all of the above ... )


Spoon singer/songwriter Britt Daniel sits with host Tim vonHolten (in the Grimshaw Gallery) to talk about the evolution and successes of his Austin band. Following each interview segment is a tune from their sold-out Bottleneck show. Producer Jon Mohr would like to extend a big 'what the...?' to a few Spoon superfans up front who nearly cost him his camera. (If you're wondering, intentionally spilling your drink on another soul is NOT nice behavior...especially if they're just doing their job.)

The Belles

Chris Tolle and Jake Cardwell of The Belles park themselves alongside a big 'ol keg and a big 'ol Turnpike host Tim vonHolten. But JAKE WAS NOT DRINKING. He was however rockin out all lo-fi style, you know like them Belles do.


A dickle-icious look at the inside of Underground Sound Studio, where Lawrence raucous rock band Conner recorded its debut "The White Cube," released July 2003.

Split Lip Rayfield

Holy hell yeah...Split Lip is back. If you missed the boys in their first coupla shows since splittin' up back in 2001, you can still catch 'em here. This particular private engagement in Newton was cooked up especially for this inaugural episode of The Turnpike (since changing the show's name from 'Fusion'). Thanks Tanya, Valentin, and Bonnie Tandoc for their hospitality and delicious eats.

Fred Eaglesmith

Country-folk singer/songwriter Fred J. Eaglesmith was one of nine children born to a farming family in rural southern Ontario. Often employing his difficult upbringing as raw material for his heartland narratives, he issued his self-titled debut LP in 1980. He recorded infrequently throughout the remainder of the decade, releasing only two more albums, The Boy That Just Went Wrong and Indiana Road. However, Eaglesmith gradually became an underground favorite in his native Canada, thanks largely to a relentless touring schedule in tandem with bassist Ralph Schipper and mandolinist Willie P. Bennett. More at www.fredeaglesmith.com And check out this superfan site ::

Throwrag / Esau

L.A.'s Throw Rag is garage punk, punk revival, psychobilly (but not as psychobilly as host Timmy V). And with this episode, Esau bows out of the scene after years of Steve Albini-style antics.

Anything But Joey / Pomeroy

Two powerhouse local bands; one powerhouse episode. Yes, this is the episode with the much-ballyhooed 'heimlich' maneuver.

Get Up Kids / Approach / DJNOTADJ / Getaway Driver

The lawrence.com launch party May 8, 2003 at Liberty Hall. The night was interrupted with the town's first tornado in several years (the early crowd of 200+ packed into Liberty's basement along with the bands they came to see) but thankfully the show did go on. Featuring the Get Up Kids, Approach, DJNOTADJ, and Getaway Driver.

Rocket from the Crypt

Rocket from the Crypt is a band's band. Capable of setting a stage on fire like a, um, rocket, uh, would do if it blasted from said stage, or, uh, perhaps a crypt: damn, let me start over. Rocket from the Crypt will rock your ass in a way that will make you freaking feel invincible. But remember, you're not. So put down that belt sander.

Neko Case

What can we say about Neko Case that hasn't already been said? Without succumbing to hyperbole, we'll just mention that she is the greatest singer that has ever lived in our universe or any other.

Carolyn Mark

Carolyn Mark is a rare performer indeed. Not only does she write witty ditties and heart-wrenching ballads with equal aplomb, she and her roomate Tolan can speak intelligently on such topics as Nazis, Joni Mitchell, and some guy named "Shakey" without spilling a drop from her martini onto her fabulous designer frock.