Rocky Votolato

Indie rock singer-songwriter Rocky Votolato provides respite for those ailing from the otherwise predictable genre. Texan-born Votolato formed acclaimed rock band Waxwing in '96 and as is common of most prolific songwriters, Votolato discovered that his writing style began moving into new musical territory. It seemed appropriate to find a fresh outlet for the material that didn't lend itself as readily to a rock format. While 2001's Burning My Travels Clean was a step towards a more focused approach, the more accomplished of his releases is this year's Suicide Medicine, a melodious blend of all the strong points of his earlier efforts. Host Tim vonHoltenstein raps with Rocky V about things (in the comfort of the patio at Lawrence's Java Break) and Rocky breaks it down one time live in the serenity of the Dusty Bookshelf.

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