Split Lip Rayfield

Holy hell yeah...Split Lip is back. If you missed the boys in their first coupla shows since splittin' up back in 2001, you can still catch 'em here. This particular private engagement in Newton was cooked up especially for this inaugural episode of The Turnpike (since changing the show's name from 'Fusion'). Thanks Tanya, Valentin, and Bonnie Tandoc for their hospitality and delicious eats.

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Split Lip Rayfield videos

Video 1 Introducing...Split Lip
Video 2 The boys talk about "the break" and what they've been up to since. They then break into song.
Video 3 Jeff Eaton talks about 'The Stitch Giver' -- the one-string gas-tank bass he made -- followed by another tune.
Video 4 Host Tim vonHolten gets some fishin' advice from Jeff Eaton, talks to Eric Mardis about his ride and about "a Liquid Chicken gig" ... followed by another tune, "Kiss of Death."
Video 5 Did you know that all the members of Split Lip watch soap operas? (And no, they're not being ironic...they really get into that stuff.) Find out more you didn't know about the band...then watch 'em shoot up some stuff with guns.