Get Up Kids / Approach / DJNOTADJ / Getaway Driver

The launch party May 8, 2003 at Liberty Hall. The night was interrupted with the town's first tornado in several years (the early crowd of 200+ packed into Liberty's basement along with the bands they came to see) but thankfully the show did go on. Featuring the Get Up Kids, Approach, DJNOTADJ, and Getaway Driver.

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Get Up Kids / Approach / DJNOTADJ / Getaway Driver videos

Video 1 Intro segment about the show's benefit for the Lawrence School's Foundation. The Get Up Kids wanted to donate all the show's proceeds for the support of local schools' music programs.
Video 2 Getaway Driver's David Newton, Stephen Wolfe, Thomas Brantman, Brad Lewis talk to host Tim vonHolten about absolutely nothing really. But it's worth the watch.
Video 3 Getaway Driver opens the show, mere minutes after the tornado clears outta town (having destroyed a couple apartment buildings on he west side of town).
Video 4 Approach performs with his Live! band after Getaway Driver.
Video 5 The DJNOTADJ kids attempt to clear up the meaning of their name with host Tim V, but to no avail.
Video 6 The could-have-been-wildly-popular-video for an equally overlooked song, "Overdue." (The video aired but a few times on M2). Art by Travis Millard; produced by Brock Batten.
Video 7 DJNOTADJ close out the evening (yes, after the Get Up Kids played) with a psychadelic dance party complete with opera singer and mural painter.