Trailer Bride

Trailer Bride is Southern to their core. They come from a land full of snakes, ticks, chiggers, stultifying heat and humidity. You even have to keep your eye on the plants -- poison sumac, oak, and ivy blanket the terrain. If you let yourself get too dreamy and unfocused, you might perish. Given such an environment, it's no wonder that Trailer Bride move at their own pace, that their songs weave wearily and warily through the woods, and that they somehow recreate the sound of sweat rolling down a glass of iced tea, or of a vine creeping up the leg of couch left out on the porch. They hypnotize with songs of sex, death, sin and redemption. If that fails, they can bring the house down with their wicked slide-guitar mojo abandon. Host Tim vonHolten asks them specific questions and the band plays some licks.

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