The New Pornographers

Beloved personality and host of television's The Turnpike sits down with the supergroup themselves in the basement of the Eighth Street Taproom (gracias Jeremy). The New Pornographers are Carl Newman (Zumpano), John Collins (Thee Evaporators), Dan Bejar (Destroyer), Blaine Thurier (cartoonist/filmmaker), Fisher Rose and Neko Case.

(Notice: This episode -- though available for download -- is currently not streaming. That means three things: 1. This episode will not play the already-downloaded-part while the still-downloading-part downloads; 2. You have to wait for the whole segment to download before it will begin playing; 3. This could take a while, so go do to that thing you've been meaning to do, but have been too freakin OCD-busy to do. Then watch the downloaded clip. Please stand by for the fixin of the stream. Thank you.)

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