The Flaming Lips (Part 1)

On Saturday, June 10, 2006, history was made at Clinton Lake State Park. The Flaming Lips, as witnessed by all present, descended from the swirling, storm-filled skies above the Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival and whisked away the feeling of foreboding with a psychedelic frenzy of herculean magnitude. Giant hamster ball, confetti cannons, Santas, aliens, weddings, enormous projections, and - oh yes! - music. The rising barometric pressure only served to press a cloud of positivity down on the audience like a veil of laughing gas. And the audience, born to follow the every whim of these Flaming Lips, responded like a massive, giddy puppet under the control of a genial madman. Yep, pretty good.

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The Flaming Lips (Part 1) videos

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