Witness the phenomenal Volunteers. Relative newcomers to the Lawrence music scene, they nevertheless managed to produce not only their debut, but also (in our humble opinions as judges and arbiters of all thing great and wonderful) the best album of 2006. Don't believe us? Well, my friends, that is your prerogative, but you would be, sadly and oh-so-completely, wrong. But don't take our word for it even though you should. Give a listen to the sweet sounds of Volunteers, captured live at Daybreak Recording Co., playing songs from the imaginatively titled "Volunteers."

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Volunteers videos

Video 1 Full Episode
Video 2 Part 1 (of 5)
Video 3 Part 2 (of 5)
Video 4 Part 3 (of 5)
Video 5 Part 4 (of 5)
Video 6 Part 5 (of 5)