The Shout Out Louds

When it comes to Swedish rock bands who have keyboardists with exploding lungs and an insatiable craving for Surstrmming, Shout Out Louds come immediately to mind. After making us wait years (literally) for their second full-length album, the band has come out svinging with "Our Ill Wills" on Merge records, and were kind enough to humor Turnpike host Tim vonHolten's unhealthy ABBA fixation.

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The Shout Out Louds videos

Video 1 Full Episode
Video 2 Part 1 (of 5)
Video 3 Part 2 (of 5)
Video 4 Part 3 (of 5)
Video 5 Part 4 (of 5)
Video 6 Part 5 (of 5)