Capgun Coup

Capgun Coup may seem like a panache of musical influences jammed out by a group of friends living in a squalid cesspool for booze, cigarettes, and starving artists. Just don't say that to their faces because they're liable to punch your lights out. The quintette has made waves nationally for their rambunctious live shows and lo-fi indie-pop, enough to impress fellow Nebraskan, Conor O'berst, and his Team Love record label. Their latest release, Maudlin, continues their affinity towards noisy surf-rock mixed with dissonant vocals and mischievous lyrics. Like their song says, "Bad bands are better than all the rest."

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Capgun Coup videos

Video 1 full episode
Video 2 (pt. 1 of 5)
Video 3 (pt. 2 of 5)
Video 4 (pt. 3 of 5)
Video 5 (pt. 4 of 5)
Video 6 (pt. 5 of 5)