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Kevin DobsonKevin Dobson, producer

Born and raised in Wichita, KS (but don't hold that against me). Went on to graduate from K.U. with a degree in theatre and film. From there I began work with the fine folks at the Kansas City Film Office where I was quickly passed on to Maplewood Productions and Universal Pictures to assist in the making of Ang Lee's "Ride with the Devil." I then returned to Lawrence and became a part owner of isoar Productions where we produced a comedy cooking show and many other projects including commercials, special events and short independent dog dramas. Most recently I have found a home here at 6 Productions where I am lucky enough to produce Jayni's Kitchen and the Turnpike. My only regret so far is that I have yet to lift my own body weight, but I'm confident that through a steady regime of procrastination it may one day be possible.

Tim vonHoltenTim vonHolten, host

I hate buttons.

Especially buttons on the shoulders of shirts. And buttons on the sides of shorts. Any decorative buttons. Hate 'em. And I hate when people talk over the performers at a show. I hate thoughtless urban growth. Come to think of it, I really hate button-fly jeans -- the kind with the buttons on the outside. Oh, and I hate jeans without back pockets. I hate "business casual." It's not casual. It's not even a little casual. They could call it "tight-ass who mows his lawn in khaki shorts, deck shoes, and a polo shirt casual." That'd be okay.

I hate competitive sports. Well, that may not be exactly true. There's nothing wrong with golf except golfers. It's not the spirit of the ol' gridiron that prowls around darkened streets looking for theatre students to beat up. To paraphrase a favorite quote of mine, not every pool player is a son of a bitch, but every time a son of a bitch rolls into town, the first place he goes is a pool hall. A racehorse will never overturn a taxi, even if it wins the Kentucky Derby.

I don't like strawberries or cherries, but I enjoy strawberry and cherry flavoring. I don't like banana flavoring, but I like bananas. I hate missionaries, but I do enjoy the missionary position. I hate some peoples' hatred of fake breasts. I hate any discussion of politics. The only appropriate political discussion is one that deals with the elimination of politicians. Without politicians, politics may actually work. There is nothing I hate more than the insurance industry. Except maybe the healthcare industry. Or the pharmaceutical industry. Nope, definitely the insurance industry. And I hate that I know two smart people who liked "The Fast and the Furious." And yeah, I'm pretty sure they were the only two. I hate bad customer service. I hate buzz words and the phrase "buzz words." If something has made it to MTV or Spin, the "buzz" is over.

I also hate MTV and Spin. And Rolling Stone. And Blender (Do I really have to mention that?). And Magnet. I hate George Lucas. I think maybe George Lucas is secretly behind the publication of every magazine, which is why every magazine sucks. Come to think of it, George Lucas may also control radio and television programming. I hate seeing the potential of the United States being wasted by entitled, greedy scumbags. I hate chiggers.

I love H.L. Mencken. I love seeing people offended, but especially girls in little backpacks and/or little cowboy hats. I enjoy the current trend of parents allowing their teenage daughters to dress like 1970s prostitutes. I love nice people, unless they're too nice. That's just creepy. I love exaggeration and understatement. I love blanket generalization. I love the Zippo Company. Zippos are the only reason to smoke, except for looking cool. Basil is really great. The herb, not the actor who played Sherlock Holmes. I love independent businesses. I love music. And I love you. No, not you. You in the little backpack.