When you imagine exotic locales, your mind may wander to Tahiti. Or maybe to Oahu or one of the other islands on that faraway continent of Hawaii. But no more, mis amigos. Come with us to those romantic days of yesteryear, when vacationing families from here and abroad traversed hill and dale to spend their tourist time and dollars in Abilene, Kansas, Greyhound Capital of the World (the dogs, not the busses). Or, if your sojourner spirit craves more spice, join us in Cabo San Lucas, which is in Mexico (pronounce the 'x' like an 'h' to impress the locals). Even if you're a homebody, but still have a keen sense of adventure, you can belly up to the Woolworth's luncheon counter and order up the SizzleLean (with grilled onions) for a tasty treat. But save some energy, wayfarers, for the best part of the trip; the part where Turnpike host Tim vonHolten talks gravy and sadness with those nice folks from Abileen (the rock band, not the greyhound capital or the cholesterol-laden snack food) at the Gaslight. When it comes to wholesome, delicious rock, Abileen really satisfies.


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