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I liked the blog. I also think Iron Man is more a fratboy movie, it glorifies alcoholism and is about a party boy celebrity rich guy in a phallic space suit flying around fighting another rich guy in a phallic space suit in an ego trip pissing contest.The watchmen movie looks idiotic already, and knowing it is 300 part 2 makes it funnier. Nerds brought it all on themselves though with all those fanboy movie sites vying for control of the geek alpha male ziggurat of coolness. You cant acquire coolness without doing anything, but the world turned that on its head by giving them power to influence marketing. So the studios made them a marketing tool and made harry knowles feel like a super hero with godlike powers and then all the print media and movie critics tried to emulate that type of geek culture, and soon everything pandered to them even as they were being exploited. Now there is no professional language being written about movies, just opinions by ppl trying to force everyone to conform to dominant perceptions, that conveniently line up with the aims of the studios and their corporate interests.A side note, if nerds would give up the security blankies that make them nerds in the first place, and would stop being nerds, the psychological torment of comics characters who overcome their weakness by magically acquiring god-like powers would no longer be so resonant and identifiable to their lives. Dude! go get some social skills! Be a leader. Believe in yourself! There are no superpowers!

May 13, 2008 at 11 p.m. ( | suggest removal )