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Inside the Outhouse

You know, it would be fitting in some ironic way if this was to be FINALLY the end of the yearly "Oooh, I'm a jschool hack and I'm gonna write the Outhouse story" articles.

Maybe Bill and I told the author the same thing:
""Some people want to sound more important than they are. Everyone had their own opinions on what was happening then, and that still holds true.""
Or maybe that quote was mis-attributed to Bill Rich, which would also be ironicly appropriate.

You see, the REAL story is that after ME and MY buddies got done building stonehenge, I showed up in a cornfield in Kansas and decided that the place needed a fitting monument.

So I, me alone, by myself, started forming bricks by hand down by the river and hauling them one at a time through the corn to an empty lot where I singlehandedly built the Outhouse, all by myself.

Then I said "Let there be punk" and all the sudden, Bill Rich and Dave Budin grew legs and slithered out of the swamp and said "Oh boy! And how much can we commodify it and sell it for?".
Macro-evolution is more then a theory. And truth-theory always seems to evolve.

Kurt Mangold (Who owes me and everyone else money) also claims to have "discovered" and put on the first show at the Outhouse. I think his band DID play that show, as well as at the party where Phil got his camera busted by the pigs...I saw that happen, me and Greg Nelson grabbed pencils and drew pictures of it, and when the pigs turned to us we said "Oh no! Their gonna break our pencils for drawing pictures of them breaking that guys camera for taking pictures of them being assholes and beating on kids for no reason!"

Well, I always liked the way that Kurt put it about the Outhouse:
"It was another temporary solution to a permenent problem in Lawrence".
It was a temporary solution that lasted about 10 years.

As far as Jimmy T's little tale about me pounding him: Yep, I did it. And if he (Or anyone) where to pull what he pulled, I would do it again, in a heartbeat. But the ommissions and distortions on his part certainly don't tell the whole story, as is typical with him. But that was what? 10 or so years ago?

But the Outhouse is long gone, and it won't be coming back. That was a time, an era, and peice of real estate with a grandfathered zoning variance that just can't and won't happen again.

I hope no one really feels the need or the void on their resume to write another yearly Outhouse article. The ink and webspace would be much better wasted on something current and relevent and happening.

Most are content to sit on the same barstool that theyve sat on for ten years talking to people that already know the story.

BTW: for whoever was asking, my email addy is: bobc(at)

bob c

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