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"I Want To Be One Less."

I have NEVER heard a report that says 50% of people have or have gotten HPV. Do you have a source for that? The nurse I saw on Monday said 1 in 1000, and the team of doctors I work with for the UH HPV study have told me 20-25% of women.While you can get certain strands of HPV from shaking someone's hand if he/she has an active outbreak on their hand, I was under the impression that the strands of HPV that the vaccine protects against are only transmitted sexually, not through casual contact. Do you have access to a document that says differently? Gardasil protects against strands 6, 11, which cause genital warts, and 16, and 18, which have been linked to cervical cancer but do not cause genital warts.I completely agree with you that if someone knows he/she is going to be sexually active with someone who could potentially be a carrier, then they should get vaccinated, if they have evaluated the possible side effects and are comfortable with that. I do think it's wrong to push this vaccine on people who are not at risk for it, as I already mentioned in the comments of your blog.

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I Want To Be One More

You may want to get some of your facts straight, friend. "the ethylmercury component of Thimerosal preservative in the vaccine (which isn't used in any childhood vaccines)" Actually, Thimerosal is still used in many childhood vaccines, according to the CDC. (, there was a study done in May that showed autism-like symptoms in monkeys who had all the suggested childhood shots on time. there HAVE been studies done that show there may be a connection, but at this point we simply don't know.The difference between the HPV vaccine and the Polio vaccine is that Polio is airborne. HPV is contracted by sexual contact - so if someone is in a monogamous relationship or is NOT sexually active at all (meaning engaging in any form of sexual behavior, not just intercourse) they aren't at risk. So why try to push a shot on people that they AREN'T at risk for?

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"I Want To Be One Less."

Matt, HPV is not hereditary, nor does it have anything to do with "feminine hygiene," and the only way it can be spread from "skin to skin contact" is if it's a hand to a penis. You can't get it from shaking someone's hand, and you can't get it just because your aunt Helen had it. The nurse flat-out lied to try to scare me into getting the shot.Me getting the HPV vaccine makes no more sense than me getting the Anthrax vaccine. I'm simply not at risk. While the Anthrax vaccine is great for soldiers who are deploying to secret locations, it's simply not something the entire population needs. And I've learned over the past few years of parenting that if you're going to refuse a vaccine, you are not obligated to explain yourself to a doctor or a nurse or to anyone else. Me explaining why I don't want the vaccine would simply be a waste of time since the nurse would not be changing his mind.

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"I Want To Be One Less."

Alm, you can refuse the Chickenpox vaccine for school if you get a religious waiver stating that your religion is opposed to abortion. Because the Varicella vaccine is made with human fetal cells (MRC-5, you can refuse it on religious grounds.

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"I Want To Be One Less."

Only if they could kill seven with one blow.

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The Battle of the Mothers

I never said this was a decision that I struggled with. The point of the blog was: "But I just don't understand why, as women, we spend so much energy on bickering amongst ourselves, trying to prove how much better we are than one another, rather than just being happy with what we have and what we're doing in our own lives." I was just discussing the fact that women especially seem set on destroying each other and I don't understand why. Nowhere did I say that cancer isn't terrible or that war doesn't suck. I'm a soldier's wife, Buck, I see death every day. Sometimes it's just nice to talk about something different. If you want to discuss how lousy our world is, I suggest you check out Jilla's blog or ElBorak's blog since they both talk quite frequently about current affairs.

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Hello, and welcome to my new blog

Welcome to :)

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Parenting & Obesity

"I tried giving the kids Kool-aid when they were younger but their dad nipped that in the bud. Not for nutritional reasons as much as his hatred of the white trash Kool-aid 'stache."Aww, but it's so ADORABLE.My parents let us have one soda every week when I was growing up. Saturday was pop day and we looked forward to the weekend with great anticipation.

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Top 10 Worst Twist Endings

ITA about #2, but I'll never forget seeing that movie because when I left the theater, I had received a text message from mom that said "Your great grandma died and I'm really sad about it." Excuse me? I was sitting there watching a crappy movie while my grandma was dying? How lame is that. =(

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Don't Fear the Chicken!

We have wild chickens here and they drive me absolutely crazy, but if I had any amount of land or even a backyard, I would definitely own them. Chickens are delicious.

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