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India Palace

The BEST restaurant in the nation, possibly the world but I've never been outside the nation, save for a quick day trip over to Mexico, and as much as I love mexican food, it doesn't hold a freaking candle to my precious Indian food. Anyone who doesn't rate the Palace as a 10 has clearly never been there for a Saturday buffet to experience the miraculous healing powers of chicken tikka masala and vegetable korma. Seriously, these foods have restorative powers for the soul. My boyfriend is similarly addicted to the Palace cuisine so I'm hoping that on that wonderful night after we've been married, he'll carry me over the threshhold not to a bed of roses but to a vat of tasty, creamy, warm vegetable korma and drop me in! Nothing better folks. Life been getting you down? Economy troubling you? Got problems with the lady? I have the cure, kids. A little tikka and korma, throw in a handful of pakoras and a piece of naan . . . and all your woes will slip away.

And to those of you who complained about the service . . . I've NEVER had a problem with service at the Palace. The waiters are the best damn people on the face of the earth. Have some patience, diners. The Palace is a busy place most days (and nights too) but the staff are courteous and welcoming, and they go out of their way to make your dining experience enjoyable.

All this talking has me jonesing for a trip to the Palace. What do you mean, I just had chicken tikka masala for dinner last night?!!Objection, Your Honor, Irrelevant. Gotta head down to the Palace, kiddies, for some tikka. Hope to see you there!

January 25, 2004 at midnight ( | suggest removal )