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Five Years


You do realize that I never mention or discuss the super-volcano hypothesis in my book? That is from Lawrence Josephs' work, I suspect. Why do you attribute it to me? Have you even looked at my book? This is incredibly lazy on your part.

I wish you had allowed me to respond to Hoopes' comments about my work - though he does a good job of utterly contradicting himself without my further corrections. Most people who look at my work without a mean-spirited bias or sour-grapes envy appreciate my efforts to be intellectually rigorous and personally honest about the subject matter. I do not pretend to have all the answers, and I also have no desire to capitalize on fear. In fact, my perspective on "2012" is that we can use it as a window of opportunity to inspire a positive shift in planetary culture and consciousness.

To this end, I recently launched a web magazine, Reality Sandwich, http://realitysandwich.com , where you can find an evolving dialogue on subjects related to my work and to the current process of global transformation.


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