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Top 10 Movies That Prove the Future Will Suck

Joel - Star Wars took place "a long time ago" in a you-know-what far, far, away, so it can't be part of the future, duh!

How about Fahrenheit 451? A future where fireman start fires and books are illegal and everyone speaks French. That's bleak, baby.

Eric, I think we need another entry, 10 more movies...

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Independent of the future

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Independent of the future

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Most. Arrogant. Blog. Ever.

Wow! Thanks for the link to The 13 tips were great. Don't quit. Here's two more sources of advice worth checking out. You may have already seen these books:

Immediate Fiction by Jerry Cleaver

In spite of his overuse of the term "the craft", this book is a great way to boil down the writing process into chunks you can use to jump-start a new story, or rewrite something. Read it. You won't be sorry.


The Art of Fiction by John Gardner

This is a bit high-handed at times, but the advice is dead-on. It's an essential reference.

I must defend Deborah Shouse. She's a good writer IMO. Perhaps not quite your style and perhaps not so good at choosing photos to use for pumping her writing. Kinda looks like an adv. for a christian swingers club, doesn't it. Still, I think I could learn a few things from her. Did she critique your work?

Hey, speaking of photos, the old flippin' off the camera photo ain't all that great either. Peruse the party pic album from any KU frat party and you'll see what I mean. Hacky!

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City Upon A Hill

The history of this event goes back further than 1988. Former KJHK and SUA volunteer Steve Ghormley told me that the Day on the Green Hill event evolved from a previous event called Jayhawk Jam circa 1982. He said it was an effort to bring mainstream musical tastes as promoted by SUA together with alternative sounds as promoted by KJHK.

I worked on the Green Hill concerts in 1984 and 1985, which featured Get Smart! and the Minutemen respectively, among others like the Micronotz, Pedaljets, and Todd Newman.

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Moving to Abilene

Some gentle rules for asking friends to help you move:

You may ask friends to help you move if:

* You've never asked before, or
* If it's your first home (or if you've moving from a rental property to a property you own), or
* If you're under 30.

You should spare your friends and pay for a mover if:

* You've hit them up before, or
* This is not the first home you've purchased a home, or
* You're over 30.

You should never ask friends to help you pack. Get it done before moving day. You should always reward your friends with a meal or beverages at the end of the move. My strong buddies crave ice-cold beer.

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Springtime, when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of Massachusetts Street

You probably meant to say the Sunday New York Times you purchased "somewhere in Lawrence" mentioned the Pope's illness. If you had purchased it in New York City on the same day, it would have been a different story. The provincial edition of the Times is notorious for being light on the latest pope dope.

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Saturday Night Not-So-Live

I like staying up late to watch the old SNLs too. Of course Joel, The 1st season of SNL was different from the 2nd season as well. That's an important distinction that may have been alluded to but not articulated in your original blog entry.

Another way to understand the impact of SNL during its first four years was to compare it to what else was on TV at the same time. If you watch a rerun of Carol Burnett or Sonny and Cher from the same year, SNL will seem edgy indeed. For me, SNL (from 1976 to 1979) was like having National Lampoon magazine on television.

I noticed during the lockers bit from last week that they featured a young Toni Basil and a kid later known as Rerun from "What's Happening". Portions of the group appeared in a subsequent broadcast where they combined break dancing and ballet.

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Inside the Outhouse

I saw a few shows at the outhouse, some fantastic shows: Meat Puppets, Fishbone, Sonic Youth, Orange Donuts, Tupelo Chain Sex, and Rank and File.

Sonic Youth and fIREHOSE in November of '86 was my favorite. There was only about 25 people there and I stood right in front of the stage. Contrast that with the Bad Brains show in 1989, where I couldn't even get in the parking lot, it was beyond packed.

Someone told me Nirvana played there too, but if they did I missed it.

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Library envy

I've always considered the Kansas University system of libraries an excellent supplement to the Lawrence public library. Go there and read.

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