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Clio, you surprising muse

The Drudge Report is also linking to the government sites, so that could be causing a slowdown...

I think as a condition of being able to complain about the anthem being sung in Spanish, one must a) Prove publicly they can sing at least the first verse all the way through, correctly, in English; and b) Explain in terms a grade-school child can understand what is going on in verse 3:

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion,
A home and a country should leave us no more!
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps' pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave...

Then, have at it...

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Cartoons that aren't funny

Here's a story that contains Rumsfeld's "battle-hardened" quote:

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Cartoons that aren't funny

Not to mention it was arguably the action (or non-action) of the JCS themselves in creating the environment (e.g., nearly three years of insufficient body armor to prevent the creation of limbless soldiers in the first place) whose cartoon depiction (as opposed to the real things occupying beds at Walter Reed and rehab centers across the country) they consider reprehensible. If writing their letter to the Post took the JCS's collective or individual minds for one second off figuring out how to keep their soldiers from getting their limbs and heads blown off, now that's reprehensible.

BTW, by my fallible count....Number of days from Pearl Harbor to V-J Day: 1,348. Number of days from September 11, 2001, to today: 1,605.

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This Just In: Karen Hughes Doesn't Know U.S. Constitution

Hopefully apropos of this discussion, I can't wait to see this film:

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Cindy Sheehan, American Patriot

You can desecrate anything. You can desecrate an American flag, which conservatives want a constitutional amendment to prohibit. Can we stop and think what the situation would be like if this were a mom from a Red State protesting against Clinton sending her kid to... oh wait, Clinton never sent any kids into ground combat ... but let's pretend anyway. Bill Clinton has sent 1,800 Americans to their pointless deaths and the mother of one of them, a woman with ties to, say, the Christian Coalition, shows up outside Clinton's vacation home where he spent untold weeks each year ... oh, wait, Clinton didn't have a vacation home where he spent untold weeks each year...but let's pretend anyway. He won't meet with her to explain why, but he makes damn sure to go jogging. Days go by and all she wants is an explanation. Will Fox be calling her (as Fred Barnes did) "a crackpot"? Will Rush Limbaugh be saying: "Frankly, I'm also fed up -- not fed up. I retract that. I'm weary, ladies and gentlemen, of even having to express sympathy. 'Oh, she lost her son!' Yes, yes, yes, but (sigh) we all lose things." If a Clinton supporter ran over a bunch of crosses in the ground near her campsite ... oh wait, nothing like that EVER happened when Clinton was president, but let's pretend anyway.... will the conservative reaction be to silence this person at all costs? Or will she be portrayed an American just exercising her constitutional right to seek redress for her grievances from the unfeeling government, and God bless her for doing so? I guess it's a mark of honor when the RWMAM (right-wing media attack machine) kicks into high gear against you, that's how you know you're having an effect and could cause real damage...trouble is when the machine wins, like they did with Dick Durbin over his nazi comments, which no Republican would ever think of doing ... oh wait, James Dobson did last Sunday, talking about stem cell research: "The Nazis experimented on human beings in horrible ways in the concentration camps, and I imagine, if you wanted to take the time to read about it, there would have been some discoveries there that benefited mankind," he said on his radio show last week. "You remove ethics and morality, and you get what happened in Nazi Germany." Waiting with bated breath for Fred Barnes to call this crackpot a crackpot.....

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Cindy Sheehan, American Patriot

I found this interesting and thought others might, too:

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The Real Problem

For a long time I have believed there is a large segment of American society that does not really deep down care much for democracy and would be more than happy to live in a dictatorship if their side was in charge. Today, these people run the country. And what is the most dangerous thing they can imagine on this Fourth of July? A Supreme Court Justice whose vote they will not be able to predict 100 percent of the time. Yikes.

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Go on, Mr. Smith, for Now

Speaking of definitions of terms, ever hear Rush Limbaugh's tortured and hilarious explanation of how fascism and communism are the same thing? Boiling it down, it's because both are systems of government in which the state runs everything and the individual has no freedom. Naturally, this daffynition has a practical effect, which is to allow him to call liberals (a.k.a. Commies) Nazis. Knowing what we now know about his mind-expanding proclivities (sorry -- his bad back...), it seems pretty likely that his friend Oxycontin may have helped come up with that one....

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2,703 - 1

I should have made clearer my agreement that no party has a monopoly on hypocrisy or self-interest. Meanwhile, despite anything Democrats have said in the past about "give them a vote" (and I do think at least Kennedy's 2000 quote above refers to the Judiciary committee, not the Senate floor) it does not change the fact that Republicans are reacting by changing the rules 200 years into the game when they can't get their way ... ineffectual as they obviously are, the Democrats contented themselves with complaining about it, not deciding mid-game that suddenly it only takes three balls for a walk or the game now lasts just 58 minutes, not 60....

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2,703 - 1

To the extent it matters, most if not all the Democratic politicians who were quoted (almost invariably on Republican Web sites ... Google Kennedy's quote and it appears on a bunch of sites, all Republican as far as I can tell) as saying Clinton's judicial nominees "deserve a vote" were talking about votes in the Judiciary committee, which Republican senators in Clinton's day managed to deny Clinton's nominees and not even let them get to the Senate floor to be filibustered, voted down, whatever.... So for the Republicans to be equating the two eras is apples and oranges ... again, to the extent any of this matters at all.

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