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Paisano's Ristorante

Paisano's has absolutely horrible service.

My husband has Celiac's disease which means he is allergic to wheat, so you can imagine I rarely get Italian food. I called a couple months ago to ask the manager if we could bring some gluten-free noodles to have cooked for my husbands meal. He said sure, and they wouldn't charge for the noodles to boot. We were excited, because his choice of restaurants is obviously limited, and I love their food.
We went in this evening and I told our waitress ahead of time that he was allergic, and of my conversation with the manager. Our waitress, who was very sweet, came down later and said she had some bad news... the manager of the evening was a stickler for the rules and wouldn't discount for the noodles we had purchased ourselves. As Gluten-free food is on the whole more expensive than regular food, I was a little miffed to be paying twice for the already-overpriced noodles. I asked to speak to the manager, a sour girl named Heather. She apparently had skipped the "service" part of her training and immediately accused me of LYING about my conversation with the manager. As if I was trying to steal. Had I not been told we would get a break on the price of the meal, I would never have brought it up. However, here I was being accused of lying. We immediately paid (for the overpriced noodles) and left.
The situation could have been diffused with a few kind words from her, instead they lost a long-time customer.

June 19, 2007 at 11:44 p.m. ( | suggest removal )