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News versus dollars

There are two realities in play here...
ONE: Yeppers---we are a society less interested. If we can't get a 45-second bite in a 24-hour news cycle--we'll catch up with the Sunday paper..unless there's a really good game on. We've been that way since the downside of Watergate. Starting in 1976, the time allotted to the national conventions on TV has been steadily dwindling. After the Reagan era, no president has utilized the TV arean with any real success; Clinton was the closest but not by much...

TWO: We no longer really care, as a whole. Pocketbook issues kick into play about every four years--the body politic bitches and moans at the polls and then from the couch---that is, when AARP runs a spot during Survivor...

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The Bulls


The slogan could only be marketed to basketball teams because of the shoe size, being the only place it would FIT, as I understand it...

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The Bulls


You are right--SS DOES need reform. The Bush plan, however, does not strike me as reform. It seems more like an episode of Extreme Makeover with all the plastic surgeons on a three-day mescaline binge -- in other words, they'll get it done---but---whew--it won't be pretty ...

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The Bulls

This is what I like to call a full-circle rant: the joy of basketball and the failure of the Newt Gingrich Revolution to fully neutralize Clinton; the strange connection between basketball and Clinton and a woody, which really brings us back to Clinton anyway; that what we have in the White House now is NOT Ronald Reagan; and that the current White House tenant and his plan for Social Security numbs the brain stem nearly as effectively as trying to capture the sound of one-hand clapping:

Isn't there ANOTHER one-handed sound that closely corresponds with the Bush Social Security plan?

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George Lucas ruined my childhood


Let's see if we have the same ones...

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George Lucas ruined my childhood

Biggs AND Porkins?
If the shallow commercialism and terrible writing of the new movies wasn't enough to color my view of the franchise, the porno-sonic names of the characters in the first movie might be enough to do it for me...

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George Lucas ruined my childhood

Porkins? his name was really Porkins?
That wasn't a stream of consciousness/Freudian Slip/I-don't-know-she's-my-sister-but-maybe-I-do-and-I-still-want-to-have-sex-with-her Mark Hamill screaming "Carrie" after the big battle script faux pas?
His name was really Porkins?
So did he scream or just squeal really loud??

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George Lucas ruined my childhood

Okay, so sequels co-opt our lives---Let's face it, the magic of the very first three Star Wars movies can be measured by the same stick that made things seem so much bigger when we were small...

(anyone remember how huge the bathrooms seemed in grade school? and then gone back to that school? we all feel like mammoths by comparison...)

That's the magic--and the trick--of the first three movies. The dialogue is goofy on paper---Mark Hamill is obviously struggling with the last gasp of adolescence--Carrie Fisher is affecting this strange little attempt at a British accent and what about that really tubby pilot in the battle sequence? he reminds ME of Tom Bosley--the Dad on Happy Days...

BUT---they still work because we want to be kids again and revel in the innocence of the excitement and--when Return of the Jedi came out--to get all prurient over Carrie Fisher ....RRRrrooowww--even 22 years later---We want the be kids again--

Because when we watch the newest movies as adults--there is no screen of innocence over our eyes to keep us from seeing they suck in 17 langauges...

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Marla Ruzicka, RIP.

Joel--I am always so very impressed that your columns and blogs can be wry and witty and still elicit heartfelt emotion.

In the case of Marla, it is time, I think for us to follow the words of Lincoln regarding the better angels of our nature. Marla was one of those angels---May her work continue in the hearts and minds of people who care about the body that creates the body politic.

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