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Henry's on Eighth

It is wonderful. They also have the best coffee in town, in my humble opinion. Henry's rules!

And the bar is great. I can't wait until there is no smoking in it, although that will ruin my favorite section: the patio.

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Z's Divine Espresso

I went to Z's where I was served by a friendly and fun barrista named Ally. She made a damn good cup of coffee and even suggested some delicious pastries for me to eat. I tried some kind of cookie that was supposed to be healthy and organic, and it was nasty. The coffee, though, was rich and tasty. Just like Ally the barrista.

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Taco Casa

The food tastes bland and boring. Drive to Topeka for some Taco Tico, or at least down the street for some Taco John's. They really know how to do fast Mexican.

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Steak 'n Shake

you take them both and there you have the Steak and Shake. The Steak and Shake...

Okay, so it's actually called Steak 'n' Shake. And most of the people who work there look freaky as heck. But the chili mac (or whatever it is called) is strangely addictive. And their desserts are really tasty.

Go there if you're in a hurry after the bar rush. IHOP and Perkins will be packed. Steak 'n' Shake will not.

Oh... and the Steak Burger is good once you get used to to texture.

May 9, 2004 at midnight ( | suggest removal )

Odessa's Cafe

I hear it is good when the food is fresh. When I went, though, they had clearly microwaved our meals. And the waitress kept begging for a big tip. Not to classy, Odessa!

May 9, 2004 at midnight ( | suggest removal )

Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

Do not EVER get "Smokin' Nachos." We literally got twelve chips, a few nuggets of chicken, and some cheese for $7.00. And that was the "large" order! The enchilada that came with my dinner was the size of a pencil. Seriously.

I would recommend this place to no one, although I will admit the chips and salsa were pretty tasty and the waitress was sweet. Just don't expect to get your money's worth -- and I am far from a tightwad.

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Amigo's / Rezzato's / King's Express

Do not hesitate. Try the Cheese Frenchee. Delight in the combo burrito. Relish the biscuits and gravy. And, mamma mia... that sampler is Italian! I would write more, but I must get to Amigos now for a tasty rootbeer float.

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Don't be hesitant to give Runza a try. The Runza Sandwich, despite what the ingredients may make you think, is TASTY!!!! The burgers are some of the best in Lawrence. And what else can one say about Frings? Yum.

One warning: the milk shakes are made from custard. Approach with caution -- it's tasty, but it may give you a belly ache from its richness.

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Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar (Northside Strip)

A poem from Langston:

Where the hell does Applebee's get off naming this dump in my honor? Shit.

Seriously, though... Applebee's is tasty, but they need not create dumbass gimmicks like naming their restaurant after Langston Hughes. What next? The William S. Burroughs KFC?

May 9, 2004 at midnight ( | suggest removal )