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Ballin' Idols, Quarterfinals Preview (Pod People! :P)

Hey, coug:

"F. Kicking
1. All kicks must occur at or behind home plate. A kick in front of home plate is considered to be a foul kick.The kicker’s plant foot (non-kicking foot) shall be used to determine whether they have crossed the front ofthe plate. If a player kicks a ball in front of home plate, the head referee shall call “foul ball” immediately. As with all foul balls, the kicker may not advance, but, if caught, any runners on base may tag up."

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Top Ten Albums of 2008

April, I finally got an l.com account just so I could add The Walkmen - "You & Me"And F-----d Up - "The Chemistry of Common Life"And I know you don't like them, but the new Hold Steady is better than the last one, worse than the second one, and tied with the first one (which makes it pretty good).And I know it was just an EP, but Animal Collective's "Water Curses" was awesome.And if the rest of Sigur Ros' newest was more like the first track it would've been the album of the year.And I know it came ou

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