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Election depression?

I think it's fair to say that the larger corporate media has been operating for some time without the public's best interests at heart. Talk radio is but one example. TV, these days, is at best offering drivel and diversion from the real matters of the day. Media consolidation has made truly free and representative discourse virtually impossible.

I, for one, found it hard to vote for Kerry as he seemed unwilling to truly embrace the "new direction" he continually spoke of. His words were more often than not centered around "killing" the terrorists. How is that rhetoric any better than what the Bush camp offers? Our foriegn policy is doomed to failure. Kerry should have taken an earlier and stauncher position against the war, and the corporate powers that are driving it. I voted for Kerry, yes, but with some serious trepidation.

I reject the idea of a moral mandate from "them", the Christian right, who voted for Bush. And do i publicly denegrate people who wish to remove my constitutional right to choose whether or not I reproduce? Yes, but it goes both ways. They call me a murderer for choosing when and if i bear a child.

Do I reject a faith that says war is acceptable, even righteous? Yes. Christians do not represent the only faith on the planet. All religions have a right to be free to worship as they see fit. The current "moral majority" seems to think that only those who believe in Christ are to be considered human.

Do i reject and renounce them, a group of people who offer only platitudes in the face of increasing poverty and despair? Absolutely. They seem to want every woman to breed, regardless of a woman's ability to raise children or pay for the children they bring into the world. They--this morally mandated group of voters--refuse to allow adequate sex education in schools or funding for family planning. Yet they are unwilling to help provide for the many, many children in this country and around the world who, once born, go to bed hungry. Children raised in abject poverty, uneducated and desperate, are denied any meaningful chance at a life free from strife. This ignorance and poverty begets, in its essence, war. The current administration cares little for the fetus once it has made its' entrance into the world.

War is not an expression of moral values. Neither are Poverty, Repression, Judgement, Greed, Despoiling of the natural world, or Bigotry.

I reject the so called mandate of the religious communities that voted for Bush.

And i think that the Democrats failed in this election, and are failing now, in analyzing the loss. They are pandering to the right and to Christians who voted for Bush. They would have been far better off growing a spine and speaking in a voice that calls for compassion and tolerance and manifests the government's fundamental obligation to provide for the health and wellbeing of all its citizenry.

November 7, 2004 at 8:27 p.m. ( | suggest removal )