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From Gaza to Greece, Lawrence to Oakland: We Do Mind Dying

Ok I have not been on these blogs for quite some time because I did not want to be mean to any more local liberals here in larryville.So I come back to check out the haps and I find this moronic mess. Is this a joke, I mean seriously folks. Was this blog posting and the pictures of these psychiatric medicine deprived loons some sort of “gotcha” post to stir up the innocent readers here. I thought about posting a salient thought provoking reasonable comment, but it tis clear you don’t want to be serious. Has this blog site degraded that much in the last year or so that this is now what passes for blog posts.This reminds me of those retards walking down Mass St. one beautiful Saturday afternoon hollering “f-Bush f-war.” It’s a freaken circus performance.“When people that are marginalized and exploited come together to attack those that destroy them, it's not pretty or touchy feely or easily pushed into a box that makes many people in higher social situations feel comfortable.”Ooooo that is pretentious psychobabble if I ever heard it.Let’s see I bet after these protesters finished their verbal diarrhea diatribe tour of downtown Lawrence they all hooked up at the Replay to knock down a few PBR’s or contemplated their assault on evil American imperialism between carefully released puffs of smoke.C’mon people stop it; the masses can’t or won’t take you seriously until you are ready to become serious.Forgive me Lord for teasing liberals, I just can’t help myself, LOL!

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All Women Secretly Hate Each Other

I'm gonna catch grief for this but, hey:I've always said that I prefer working with women. If I were to start my own business I would hire mostly women, women work harder and are more loyal and bring a broader thinking base to the job and work environment.I have been in several situations where I was the only guy in an office or department full of women. I never had any problems because FIRST the boss was a very smart and very motivated individual. She only hired women who had ambition and drive and had a positive outlook and was dedicated to the "mission."I was surrounded by some of the smartest and brightest women, many with multiple degrees, and even multiple masters' degrees, frankly these women were too busy doing good work to be jealous or petty.HOWEVER stupid women are toxic, stupid women just as they can screw up a relationship or a family, their friendships or their own lives can and often do destroy an office or work environment.I have been blessed to only have one example of this my entire work life.One fat ass tard idiot of a woman, everyone hated her, she could suck the life out of a room. She was a miserable old bat, and she knew it.When a woman hates who she is both mentally and or physically they will seek to spread the misery to everyone around her.You can reason with a stupid man, men are simple beasts, throw him a bone or pat him on the head, buy him a beer and you can offset a man's stupidity.But stupid, idiot bitter women are destructive and corrosive because they will always bring their outside hostility and stupidity to any work environment.Whether it's the work environment or even dating, having a woman with brain and having the capacity to use it is THE most important female trait.

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Good Luck with That, AP

This is an obscenely retarded issue. Bloggers draw interest to topics they care about. If a news agency has content of interest to a particular blogger the vast majority link back to the original story, which means hits to that site. When you have big bloggers with millions of readers being directed to stories written by these agencies that story is getting far more eyes directed to it than it would from simply being printed on fishwrap. The AP just wants to control content and their message. The war with bloggers goes back to AP Defends Photo as "Fake but Accurate" and this comprehensive post "A comprehensive overview of the four types of photo fraud committed by Reuters, August, 2006"Links: and Bloggers are exposing the fact that these news agencies engage in political bias, fraud and deceit in their coverage on issues so this to me is more a pissing contest that frankly AP won't win in the long run.

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Another Murder Down

Misty, you play YOU so well! LOL! You should have had the psycho neighbor kid playing the killer.

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My Last Semester

Man I'm checking out your entry here and your story and all kinds of shit about KU's "collegiate bureaucracy" comes to mind. I'm just grinding my teeth wishing I could expose a number of stories about my experiences dealing with what I regard as a far greater bureaucracy and stupidity than my military experiences.From fighting with facilities over the removal of massive quantities of bird shit (no joke) above one of the campuses busiest lecture rooms, to getting ticketed for parking while working late helping out a professor during a major lecture. There is a bureaucratic reason to shun basic common sense.It is clear that KU and I imagine most colleges or major universities are NOT run like businesses. There are glaring examples of massive idiotic bureaucracy, corruption, departmental mismanagement, racism, salary and wage disparities and just flat greed. And you can't eradicate it because you can't get rid of the people overseeing it.I just found out that an individual who was a major loser retard at the head of one major department on campus is now heading up another. Instead of getting rid of retards KU finds other high paying jobs for them. As someone who does not have a degree I'm still like hats off to those who complete "the mission" but because of my experiences dealing with some of these people who heads up the various departments at KU I would be very reluctant to send my hard earned dollars there to aid my kid in the honor of marching down a hill. Sorry about the rant but when I hear tales of the inner workings of KU my head starts to hurt.Anywho, congrats!

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"Excuse me, but I think your kid needs therapy . . ."

I'd videotape the little bastard. THEN I would have a conversation with the parents on the little dick. Communication is the key. If they turn out to be white trash or Hood Figgas, then I threaten to turn the tapes over to SRS! Then if they act all jacked up about that then I threaten to put the tapes on You Tube!Communication is the key!

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Political Pwnage

Damm, U said thoughtful!!to the thesaurus....ConsiderateKindCaringUnselfishSympathetic reflective Crap!! nope not me.

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Obama needs a friend

I think the Kansas Governor would be an excellent selection, BUT I think dude will add faux Mexican "Bill" er uh Pedro Martinez Hernandez Guadalajara Tijuana Richardson.He MUST have the La Raza vote. Speaking of La Raza...OH I LOVE THIS TUNE

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Who Wants A Hug?!

Gawd Lardy Y'all ak like I is the anti kryst and kame back fram da dead.So Jilla when you gonna put up your hug booth. I can use a good hug!!

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Who Wants A Hug?!

I could be persuaded to hug a liberal for a dollar...Yes I'm an evil anti social conservative capitalist pig! Sue me!

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