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30 years of KJHK: Russ Ham

I'm not really sure where this guy got his information but there are so many more people who were involved at KJHK during the years that he says he was there. Ernie Martin was the faculty advisor during the 1977-1979 years. I never remember seeing Dale Gadd there. He was always busy trying to sell his sitcom entitled, "Silver Threads." Pegg and Greenwood were there but they were arrogant SOBs who felt that they were God's gift to radio when that couldn't have been any more influential than a horse fly on warm shit!. One of the best guys there was Ernie McCune from Wichita. I had a show there under the alias of "Frankenelli the Wonderful"
KJHK was there long before Ham says it was, it was just under different call letters. There was also a Music director there with a beard and long black hair looked like a Cat Stevens look-a-like. He was from the bay area, San Fran I think. And the station manager, a short chick with long red hair ... can't rememeber her name, but she was HOT!!

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