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Yello Sub

I'll first comment on the service, which isn't usually bad, but it can be. When attempting to dine in, orders seem to get lost regularly. Also, it often takes about an hour for one six-inch sub.

The food isn't bad. But it's unpredictable and often unimpressive. I learned from an employee that only months ago the turkey they were serving seemed to make a few people sick and they kept serving that same batch of turkey throughout the week. On the plus side, Yello Sub offers a variety of vegetarian subs but... they use pre-bagged lettuce. pre-packaged lettuce is a pet peeve of mine, im mean seriously, how can they call themselves a "fresh alternative" if they used old packaged lettuce!?

I like the people who work there and I generally like the food they serve. But one must question the true quality of this establishment's ingredients.

April 9, 2004 at midnight ( | suggest removal )