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Reese’s Pieces: Kitty Reese screen-prints designs with a darker ‘Holly Hobbie Country Rainbow Brite’ aesthetic

I've seen many of these tee! Fun stuff! Way to get out there and make something! Fuck the recession! Wish there was a podcast of this....lol.

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"Take Two and Call Me in the Morning," the new art opening at the Love Garden (A.D.D.)

Thanks everyone for the awesome response this week!!!!! I should have a a "quickie" up by the weekend. Hopefully there will be a Kendra Marable podcast up next week as well! I love you all!

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"Take Two and Call Me in the Morning," the new art opening at the Love Garden (A.D.D.)


Major Props 2 My Fellow Lawrencians
for Bangin the Boards Today!

Sam Owen --- Hmmm. I thought I was running the "full"
but I'm not the brightest bulb in the box.
Gotta check on that.

Thx 4 the support!


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"I Think We Are Making Progress," an interview with Eric Dobbins and Lee Piechocki

Track Listing

Tammy Wynette - Were gonna hold on
King Sporty - Year Full of Sundays
Booker T. And The M.G.'s - Green Onions (Live)
The Kinks - Big Sky
Buffalo Springfield - For What it's Worth
Phoenix - Love Like a Sunset, Part I
John Forde - Stardance
Arnie Love - Stop & Make Up Your Mind
Bat For Lashes - The Wizard
Bon Iver - Babys
Bonnie Prince Billie - I Called You Back
Controller 7 - Test #2
Serge Gainsbourgh - Valse De Melody
P. Promdan - Lung Dee Kee Mao (Uncle Dee is a Drunk)
Mount Eerie - Goodbye Hope
Phil Collins - It doesn't Matter to Me
Slim Thug - Bitch I'm Back
Songgodsuns - Galileo
Diverse - Certified
El da Sensei - Got Dat
Young Jeezy - The Recession
Yoko Ono - Toilet Pie
Amnesty International - Free Your Mind
Mel & Tim - Starting All Over Again
M83 - Coloring the Void
Martin Denny - Jungle Madness

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I drove home from the gym yesterday with my shirt off. I was all sweaty and hairy. I hope everyone enjoyed my "indie boobs."

ps. thanks for commenting a while back...seriously.

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Picket signs & moral lines

I honk this dude out every time. Everyone needs to lighten up and let the old hippie have his fun!

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lawrence.com 'FEAR' memorial ribbon

I love Starbucks and I'm not afraid of anything! You guys are wimps! LOL LOL LOL LOL!

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State of the homies address

So....when we submit our info our names shouldn't be put up next to our sign in names. It should just reside in the profile if someone desires to look at who's commenting. putting the name of the person next to their online persona takes all of the punch out of the ironic screen name.

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Web Site Review: Neighborhoodies.com

This website has been advertising for a while now on all the "hot" indie site around right now and for the average consumer, I'm sure that it's a great deal. BUT to the average art student/graphic designer it seems kinda sketchy.

I don't really know why I'm so wary of this company. It could be linked to the "I could do that for myself for half the price" mentality. They also feel like another company filling the "more irony per inch" nitch like Urban Outfitters.

None the less, they stuff and people buy it and I'm sure they like it.

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