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Bill Welch Presents Frolic -- 08/20/11 at Granada

Deep house and electro spun all evening long by DJ Alan Paul.

Be excited.

Massage by Andrew from Elevate.

Photobooth by Oh!Snap!

Silent auction of art works by several local artists.

Several prints for sale from the Whiskey A Go Go by Dawn Wirth, LA punk photographer.

Hoop Mamas will be in the building!

Tons of music, good vibes, art & Love.

Don't forget the Love

All benefitting the Douglas County AIDS Project.

August 5, 2011 at 6:20 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Angler's Seafood House

I worked with owner of Anglers at The Tenth Street Vegetarian Bistro for about two months and was paid a salary of 150 dollars a week-- which equaled out to about 3 dollars an hour.. At one point, I was asked to forfeit 40 percent of my tip money to help support the cost of operating and to hire a cook.

When I left, I filed a complaint with the Federal Department of Labor regarding Nancy and her wage issues and have recently been informed that she supplied "documents" to the DOL showing that she paid me minimum wage and that I only worked a few hours a week there.

This is not true.. I worked about 48-50 hours a week while employed with Nancy and she knows that. I also hope she knows that falsifying documents for the federal government is a crime.

Nancy has become successful by walking on the backs of students and needy employees who didn't know better-- until now. I would urge you to think about it,

I, for one, choose not to frequent any of her establishments and am waiting patiently for the day that Karma kicks her in the ass.

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Global Cafe

Hey Lawrence Kansas!

On behalf on the entire crew at Global, I'd like to take a moment to thank you for your patronage and urge you to keep coming back.

We have some amazing regulars and a host of new faces from week to week. We are also about to roll out our new menu very soon, which will include some of your favorite "specials" than made the cut, as well as a few new dishes as well!

We offer great food, great service and a great amount of gratitude for YOU, Lawrence, Kansas.


Bill Welch
Global Cafe manager

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