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Game Face

It is true, I was quite the football player in my younger days, European football that is.

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The Unbearable Lightness of Peeing

I would also like to point out that A LOT of trans and gender queer people have been assaulted, raped or murdered in bathrooms. I haven't been physically attacked in a bathroom, but I do get verbally attacked, without exaggeration, almost every time I used a public restroom. I don't use women's bathrooms because I identify as female. I use them because I feel safer in them, less likely to be physically assaulted. This is not paranoia. I am by no means paranoid. It is reality. It really happens. Walk around with me for one day and you will experience it two or three times (I get bladder urgency). i think the important take-away for the average gender-conforming, straight ally is that if you have a trans friend, and they ask you to go to the bathroom with them, it would be very nice of you to go and be their buddy.

December 10, 2008 at 10:04 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

The Unbearable Lightness of Peeing

Sorry to weigh in so late. I am not taking on the role of the victim. Notice I did use the bathroom and I did ask for a light and I did get off the bus at my stop even though it was dark out and a lone woman got off at the same stop from the seat in front of me. I wasn't afraid of the women in the bathroom, or the awkward teenagers, or the woman from the bus. I did not think I was going to be victimized by them. I am just aware that when I interact with folks there is a thing there, an unusual-ness, a fear, sometimes, much less frequently, but somewhat regularly, a distrust or even an outright hatred. Also, I believe my fear of the bathroom is well-warranted. Just last week, while peeing in the school I teach at, several students ran from the bathroom screeching when I entered. They went and got four male co-students who came in the bathroom and pounded on the door, demanding to know why I was in there. Of course there was no lock or latch on the door, so while holding the door with my hand and having diarrhea I explained to them in a calm voice that I was a teacher and that they should move along to where they are supposed to be. There were 12-14 kids waiting outside the bathroom when I finished. They had put together a show of force, just in case I was a pervert that had snuck into the school and they needed to jump me. I again calmly explained that I was a teacher and they all needed to go to where they belonged. I didn't feel threatened, physically, by them. But it did make me, well, sad.@ theeleventhstephanie - I don't remember saying you look grouchy. But you are a bit of a lovable curmudgeon (as am I).

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The Unbearable Lightness of Peeing

@ cutny - The bathroom tends to be a dangerous place for me. Check the profile pic.

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The Sight of Bridges and Balloons

Huh, didn't know John had a Nation blog. It was very Nation-like. Hehe. I don't think that Obama has really earned the Mandela label yet. I hope he never needs to, but I do feel hopeful that he may be the best president in my life so far. Only time will show for sure. We will have to keep him accountable, esp. considering some of the horrible legislation that got put into play nationwide yesterday.

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Hey Dave! Keep at it. Folks will come around. If it makes you feel better I believe in armed anarchy, an even harder sell. (Now I will have to update my blog as well with my 'personal experiences' of meeting the NEA four, watching FBI observers at art lectures identify themselves - while I wonder how many homeland security agents failed to - and having to show 'valid' photo ID every time I enter a college, university, high school and even many libraries in the NYC area).

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First Student's harassment of union workers hits home...

Woe. That is seriously messed up and unfortunately not all surprising in the current climate. Dissidents working with children are natural targets for bureaucrats.

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Thanks for the feedback and support!

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Passing Permanence

Wow. This stuff is amazing.

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What's Going on in the Kitchen?

Do what? How about demand a living wage, an international living wage, reform the prison system, give local communities power over international corporations, ensure union rights for workers world wide, take guns away from the police, make more parks, demand sex worker rights, recognize the real ways in which people are disadvantaged, conserve energy, throw back beers, make music, enjoy each other, have really deep conversations, follow up with really silly conversations, make out, go swimming (in unpolluted water), buy things made by people who enjoy making them and retain the profits, sleep outdoors.

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