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All kinds of swag.

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Red Lyon Tavern

Love the Red Lyon, always good times there. Always clean, great dart boards, foosball, fresh popcorn and a good selection of beers ... and a decent scotch selection, too.

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Freshly Screwed Coffee

Hey coreyo,Thanks for you thoughts but no one is claiming that Fair Trade is the one and only answer. Fair Trade is an immediate and temporary solution to a big problem, a step in the right direction if you will. Democratic republics that provide and enforce labor rights laws for their citizens are a great way to help make trade more fair and prevent big corporations from taking advantage of workers.Unfortunately many many nations do not have on the books or enforce labor rights laws that we consider basic and fundamental. Big corporations take advantage of this fact and exploit workers to extremes. Yes, it is true that many of these nations are intentionally keeping labor rights laws off the books to attract business and jobs but these governments most often do not represent the people, the workers, who are being exploited and are benefiting directly or indirectly from big corporations in return for keeping labor rights laws off the books.In the meantime the only way we as a people can help bring justice and labor rights to the global economy is by making individual consumption choices that are more conscientious of the effect our dollars have on people around the world and the kinds of treatment of people our dollars can reinforce. Choosing to decrease your consumption is the place to start. Then you should choose to buy locally and buy Fair Trade whenever you can. These efforts will start to help people being kept in the depths of poverty by the unfair ways our global economy works while we can also focus on a permanent solution. Thanks again for your comments,Brady SwensonTwo Hands Worldshop

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