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Look familiar? After many TV roles, Lawrence native lands lead in TV series

This is true. Nurses caps could be wildly different because the design was tied to your school. I worked with a nurse who graduated from Hotel Dieu
in New Orleans. Her cap was like a little "mob" cap with a ruffle that went all the way around the bottom.
My grandmother graduated from Baylor Hospital in Austin in 1924. She promptly got married two weeks after she graduated and dropped out of the field entirely because of that "no married nurses working in hospitals" thing. After WW II, she took a six week refresher course under the Manpower Act in the early '50's and challenged and passed LPN boards in Missouri. Because she hadn't attended an LPN school, she wore a "state" cap. It didn't have a ribbon but a patch in the shape of the state with LPN in the center of it. My grandmother had died before I went to nursing school and when I graduated from LPN school, my mother gave me my grandmother's remaining cap. When I graduated from RN school, she gave me my grandmother's Baylor pin.I still have all of them, both of my own caps and pins and my grandmother's.

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Look familiar? After many TV roles, Lawrence native lands lead in TV series

You nailed it, George. :) I actually forgot the school pin but that wasn't considered "jewelry". That was part of your uniform. And your watch couldn't be "fancy". It had to be waterproof (like a Timex, because you washed your hands 40-11 times a day), utilitarian and it had to have a second hand so you could count pulses.
I actually have two school pins because I went to LPN school first and then RN school. My LPN school cap had rounded corners, like the one she has on in the picture, and a dusty, light blue ribbon. My RN cap had sharp corners and the obligatory black ribbon.

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Look familiar? After many TV roles, Lawrence native lands lead in TV series

Is this supposed to take place in an alternate universe or something? Because no nurse would be dressed that way in 1962.<br>
1. The earrings are anachronistic. In 1962, the ONLY jewelry a nurse was allowed to wear was a watch and a wedding ring and pierced ears were something "nice women" didn't have. (It actually wasn't that far distant from when married nurses weren't even allowed to work at hospitals as they were required to live on campus in nurses residence halls.) <br>
2. There's no stripe on the cap. It was VERY rare for a nurses cap not to have a narrow band of ribbon on it. RN's uniformly had a black stripe that identified them as an RN. LPNs had a colored ribbon, usually some hue of blue, red or green. (It doesn't take much to put it there. All it takes is ribbon and KY jelly. Smear it on the back of the ribbon, apply it to the cap and let it dry. God knows, I did it enough my self.)<br>
3. The apron is totally gonzo. Only probationers (first year nursing students) wore pinafores and they CERTAINLY didn't have scalloped hems. They were so heavily starched, they crackled when they walked. This looks like it came straight out of a kitchen.<br>
None of this is any criticism of Ms. Tedesco's acting. It IS a criticism of their costuming director, however. It doesn't take much to do a little research.

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Behind the Lens: Phone apps don’t lessen journalistic credibility

Is that your cat, Nick? Beautiful little guy (or girl). I'd macro it, "I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille."

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Shaved Animals

Most are cats shaved like that when they have a truly horrible extreme matting situation and being shaved is the only option. (Notice that all but one of the cats are Persians or other types of long haired cats.) They don't shave the head, paws or tip of the tail because there's no matting in those appendages. This is most commonly done in the late spring/early summer when the shedding of the winter coat goes horribly awry. Through vigorous combing, brushing and clipping on a daily basis I have barely escaped having to do that with my own Persian.

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Entertaining Tombstones

I'm not sure the World of Warcraft one is real. Looks like one of those computer generated, "make your headstone" things. A lot of the others ARE real and I've seen before.

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Hayes Hamburger & Chili

I stopped going to Hayes not long after it opened. The food wasn't spectacular, although it was ok. The service was ok too. What turned me off was the price. If I'm going to spend that kind of money I would rather go to Perkins or IHOP, sit in a little more comfort and at least get a bottomless cup of coffee (Hayes only gives you ONE refill on coffee)and decent portion sizes for the price.

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