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New owners of Jackpot Music Hall fulfill life-long dream

I've met the new owners, too. They're just wonderful people. I wrote about meeting them and talking about their plans for the venue back in February: http://iheartlocalmusic.com/2012/02/2...

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The Heard - Little Teeth

Whoa! That is one energetic trio. "Crazy adventure" is right!

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Stop the music: Neon dance party comes to a close

Dance Dance Revolution was also boss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QO1vQ...

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Stop the music: Neon dance party comes to a close

Early NEON at La Tasca was boss.

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The Heard - Ra Ra Riot


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Wolf Parade

Thank you for the comments. I mean that sincerely.

For the past few years I have almost always used this blog to explain what it's like to be a concert-goer in the area, trying to explain what it feels like to be in the crowd, and posting video to give everyone a better look at the show. I never really considered these "reviews" because it was a fairly laid back blog (and sometimes I was discovering a band for the first time). But if you would like me to write more about the music, then I will surely take that into account. I appreciate the feedback. Always.

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Wolf Parade

I worry that I might come off as too harsh on the band.

Don't get me wrong, as noted above both bands were great and put on a good (very good) show. It were the fans I ran into that night that drove me nuts. I stood in three separate sections of the Granada thinking "well, maybe I'm just in a bad spot" and each time folks were snippy and a bit physical. Even in the bathroom they were screaming at each other. I found this very odd because Wolf Parade is probably one of the most polite bands I'll see all year (seriously), but the fans I ran into were a bit testy.

But I should also note that even when the atmosphere is a bit confusing, we're lucky to have such wonderful shows come through Lawrence.

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The Heard - Matt and Kim


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