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9/11 in 33 Minutes: Determining the Official Story Cannot Be True

My late uncle's brother was killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and from that he formed a hatred of the Japanese, even Japanese-Americans that lasted all his life. On the other hand I worked for a man that was a survivor of the Battle of the Bulge and liberated one of the many concentration camps. Yet even after the loss of many friends who were like brothers to him and seeing the evidence of Nazi atrocities he never spoke ill of the German people or their American cousins. I think the difference is the attack on Pearl Harbor was a total surprise, at least to the men and women on the island of Oahu and the American people. Even after the release of information and testimony that contradicts this (as early as 1944) the media still refers to it as a "surprise" attackExcept for an admiral and general no one was held accountable.And to think that the Bush administration and corporate America had become more noble 61 years later is naive. Even if what has been written and linked to above were true the American people lack the will to act on it.

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Sure, but can they play harmonica?

"the long tailed macaque scooped minnows out with his one hand careful not to spill any of the beer he held in his other hand".....that's fishing.

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It couldn't wait a year?

He's always reminded me of Alfred E. Newman.

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"Excuse me, but I think your kid needs therapy . . ."

Your kid, your yard. If the parents question it, level with them.I hear llamas are very protective. Good luck.

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The Beauty of Government Statistics

I read The Creature from Jekyll Island about a year ago and I pretty much came away with.......the Fed is bad and our government is insanely addicted to it. Currently the price of oil is tied to the dollar, many oil producing countries in the middle east want to tie it to the Euro. Saddam Hussein was pushing for it the most, as are the Iranians. The Saudis hold "alot" of dollars.

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Leave Nancy, Marie, and Esther ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure your feelings of empathy are genuine, being a mother and all, but this is 2008 not 1908 or 1808 and sometimes we have to protect the rights of children even if it goes against the will of loving parents and their beliefs. At least the FBI and/or ATF didn't have to storm the compound and slaughter half of the residents including children to secure those rights.Marrying my son off to someone....say the age of Demi Moore to secure his and maybe my financial future would be wrong, right........right?

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NOT a Compound!

Yeah I'm sure some lady is pretty upset that deveiled eggs for 100 will be wasted now that some 13 year old girl isn't goiing to be married off to some fuzzy eared 50 year old.Sorry Misty and Joel, I'm usally all live and let live but I have little compassion for these folks.

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The Food Riot Meme

I hear Hamsters are quite tasty with a light sweet and sour glaze and their demise wouldn't be nearly as noticeable to the neighbors.Speaking of banannas, just think how expensive they would be if United Fruit hadn't had the CIA arrange for the sudden earthly departure of Guzman in Guataumala. United Fruit, the CIA and the United States armed forces now theres a subject not discussed in college business courses........maybe Harvard.

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You're Watching DTV!

Grassroots, Turtles, Tommy James and the Shondels.....pre marijuana and the "police action" in Vietnam would be long over before I had to worry about the draft.

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You're Watching DTV!

Jilla, next year if you find yourself still pining for static tune your radio to a Royals game on AM......especially if your in Wichita.Lazz, this will date me.....every small town had it's own little telephone building which employed at least four operators working different days and shifts. You picked up your phone and the operator would ask what local number you wanted, if it was long distance you would give them the number and they would ring you back when the connection had been made.Everyone was on a party line.You could have any color phone you wanted as long as it was black.

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