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Inside the Outhouse

Nirvana opened for 24-7 Spyz and hung out afterward bitching about their booking agent putting them in a Shithole!
I promoted my only show there, a party for a couple buddies leaving for fun in Europe, "Spike" Keating(Now playing with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) and Frank "Bone" Schudy. Sin Disciples, Rot Gut, and Mark Hennesy's pre-PAW band(Can't remember their fucking name!) performed. We spraypainted the names on the ceiling girders and pissed off Budin 'cause he had just painted over all the old graffitti. Lost my ass on it by throwing the show on Tues. instead of on Fri./Sat. night. SCD let me pay them $100 less than agreed and the other 2 played for free. Friends and free beer. Those were and still are the days.
Worked the back door a few times for Fortier (Fear, The Selector,White Zombie, partied with Ice-T on the bus in the middle of Feb.), which entailed shitting on the roof and throwing things at people trying to come in the back onto stage.
Fugazi, Fishbone, ect. were also some mindblowing shows I experienced at the Outhouse. Does anybody remember the Down and Under? The Missing Link between the Outhouse and Hideaway/Replay Lounge. Sorry if I fucked anybody over when I booked the place.
Chip Walker, San Francisco, July 1st 2006

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