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Final Fridays Art Walks Introduction

Excellent to see Molly Murphy a'blogging.

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Squirrel Crasher Image Generator

Ha. Nice.

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That's an intense cat.

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Arthur Dodge & the Horsefeathers New Year's Eve Banquet of Hits -- 12/31/08 at Louise's Downtown

Our deepest apologies to all revelers-to-be and to Arthur Dodge and Co. We've updated the even to show that it is indeed, as dswenson (and all our loyal readers and listeners calling in) point out, at Louise's.Happy New Year!

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Sooo... whaddya think?

@md_pinks - The iPhone thing is from a comment? Ah. Makes sense. That wasn't one of our goals. The mobile version is at m.lawrence.com and will be receiving its own up-do.I'm not sure what you mean by "such an extreme vertical manner." It's not something we copied, but are you familiar with sites like http://www.gawker.com or its sibling http://consumerist.com/, or http://corner.nationalreview.com/, for instance? I'm wondering if you don't like scrolling in general.

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Sooo... whaddya think?

@crvernon -- perhaps you missed the "Upcoming" tab on the front page, right next to Best Bets. Had "Upcoming" been styled "Early distant warning," would you have then seen that that tab gives you a list of those upcoming events?Rest assured that all the issues folks bring up are indeed being discussed and work proceeds on enhancing the user experience. In fact, there's some quite helpful and useful stuff coming down the pike.@md_pinks - where did you see it that one of the goals for the new web version of lawrence.com was better layout on an iPhone? Any web site will work well on an iPhone (if it works well on the web), since iPhones use a real web browser. That's not what we're shooting for with the desktop version of lawrence.com.(Rest assured, though, that development on the iPhone version proceeds as well, allowing for a more individuated experience. )Thanks again to everyone for the feedback, and sorry for the frustrations. Much work is going on behind the scenes that will be rolled out in the near future.

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Townie guide to... Thanks, but no Thanksgiving

I did not know that Caesar typically had lemon juice in hot water for breakfast.

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A Decade of Debauchery

Howdy -- I can clear up the rumor that von Holten left the Friday night show in a huff.Didn't happen.Feel free to carry on with further insults. He can take it, he reports.

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The Jackpot Music Hall

I'd like to say that my nearly 3-year old comment doesn't do the Jackpot justice anymore.

I've been to many shows at the Jackpot since Oct. 2004, and the difference between then and now is nearly enough to make it seem a different and far better place to see shows than the one I commented on before.

Nick and his crew there have done excellent work beefing up the sound system, raising and increasing the size of the stage, creating more room (at least, that's how it seems; and that's good enough for me) for people to see bands.

So, my 2007 self would like to disagree with my 2004 self (hey, that's my prerogative).

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