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Wichita restaurant's plans to serve lion meat cause uproar

@rando1965--How about "Leave the animals alone" rather than "leave the chef alone"? Sorry, but by definition, slaughter can never be a 'to each his own' issue. In my view, slaughter for consumption is very rarely necessary or ethical, so I see the hypocrisy of a different emotional response to one animal over the other. However, as a meat-eating kid, I had to have something to wake me up and prompt me to examine my cultural norms and reexamine & develop my own personal ethics, and it probably started with animal testing and news like this. It is just nice to see that there is some extreme that can shake a few drops of empathy out of the clogged, desensitized veins of us factory farm-supporting Midwesterners. Maybe a few protesting this menu will even take pause for the many other animals they themselves consume.

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A liquid lunch (or breakfast) your kid will love (yes, even the picky ones)

YUMMMMM. This sounds awesome!

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Allowing a banned user, and current city commission candidate, to return to LJWorld.com

This is ridiculous! I thought the 'return' was as a candidate profile, Q & A, live chat, et cetera. This is special treatment for someone based on their political status (before they even earn a title beyond candidate) and it is an affront.
It only seems fair that LJWorld.com should publicize every comment made (and removed) by this user and any other candidate, to allow the public to hear fairly and equally from all the candidates and to judge their record.

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Vote here in our 2011 Best of Lawrence competition

Best store? I don't remember that question. I definitely agree--while the cat thing was endearing & the vegan & gluten free nods were great, there could be a *ton* more relevant categories to make the whole thing worthwhile. Late night, delivery, shoes, taxi service, places to take tourists/family, beer selection, decor/ambience/place to hang/people watching, independent/local business, /chef-owned restaurant/retail etc. etc., best music store, liquor store, green business, sushi, (Sushi vs. Korma? Asia is a really big continent.), burritos, sandwiches, pool, place to study, tattoo/piercing shop, place to spruce up your pad, bakery, hangover food, smoke shop, video/game store, tea shop, barbecue, fancy cocktail bar, place to hear DJs, beer garden, Lawrence institution/icon, hotel, theater... you get the idea.

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Vote here in our 2011 Best of Lawrence competition

There's an "Other" option at the end with a blank. Enter whatever you'd like! (Maceli's? I thought they were a caterer.)

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Vote here in our 2011 Best of Lawrence competition

No problems with Chrome Browser on a Mac. Try optimizing Safari, maybe? (It's always too slow for me.)

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Diabetic treat recipes, scared up just in time for Halloween

Reducing the sugar shock and high-fructose corn syrup in snacks could, of course, help to prevent diabetes onset in the first place. Whole fruit and agave nectar are good ways to add intense fructose sweetness to snacks without adding lab chemicals like HFCS and Splenda.
Whole grain components and nut & seed fat soften the glycemic impact of sugars, as well, so avoiding processed foods high in simple carbs (most things made with white flour & sugar), you lessen the "sugar shock" of otherwise equivalent snacks. Food's "glycemic load" makes an incredible difference in weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, and good health factors.
Bake with nuts, fruit, and other ingredients you can recognize!

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Faith Forum: How has your view on faith changed over time?

What the fuck is this? Music. Art. Fashion. Local politics. Community. College town debauchery. Chickens... There is no fucking faith forum on lawrence.com.
I love the calendar, but give me a break. Just shut the rest of the site down if you don't have any idea why we have all gathered here.

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Not listed on their events anymore... I think this might be done.

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Vintage Men's Magazine Covers


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