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"World Series of Pop Culture" accidentally sums up everything wrong with music industry

I'm a big fan of internet radio. Actually, it's the only radio I listen to, besides NPR now and again. WOXY and KEXP are good. I know KEXP is an actual radion station out of Seattle that broadcasts on the internet. I'm not sure about WOXY.

I thought that when I moved to NYC, the radio station options would be great. But, sadly, that's not what I found. It's mostly just the crap you hear everywhere else, only more of it.

I do love my iPod, but there is a lot of good, new music being made out there that you won't hear if you just insulate yourself in your iPod cocoon (sorry bout the mixed metaphor).

Good blog. I whole-heartedly agree with your comments on Gore.
It was good to watch you guys in the WSOPC (is that a legitimate abbreviation?). I was one of those Lawrence people who saw you live.

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Would you air the Cho video?

Hey, Joel- this is Sarah, not Frank. I don't know my damned password/user name.

I don't think the video should have been aired (haven't watched it myself). But, I don't think it's surprising that is has. It's news, after all - sensational or exploitative or not- it's ratings.

Personally, I don't want to see it. I don't NEED to see just how effed up he was. Seeing the still frames of him holding the gun at the camera were more than I ever needed to experience. I saw the father of one of the victims on CNN pleading with the media to quit airing the footage. He said something along the lines of, "Showing this footage only makes the families live through the tragedy again and again." I think he's right.

I get it. I understand he was a nutcase murderer. Seeing his rant doesn't make me think, "OOOooh, NOW I see!"

Personally, I would love to see bios of all the victims. Not just names being read, but actual reporting on their lives. It would be far more respectful and far more interesting.

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I just realized that YouTube link above has the best parkour bits from District B13. You should still check out the movie.

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You have to watch the French film Banlieue 13 (District B13). It's got some great parkour stuff. It's also a pretty fun movie, sort of a French Escape from New York. There are also a couple of documentaries you can find over at IMDB.

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Oh, and the Welsh, the English, and the Irish are all the same. Don't ou Kansas hicks read the New York Times?!

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What about her damn husband?! It's becoming increasingly difficult to live in her shrinking shadow.

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Weekend Time Wasters: Chinese Baby Edition

re: Choppa: It's good to see that so many people have wasted so much time on a small quote from a crappy movie. And and now I have wasted loads of time looking at and now writing about it.

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Feckin' Sarpents!

This reminds me of a conversation you and I had years ago (oh, this is Sarah, btw, not Frank- he's logged in and I can't remember my password):

Sarah: I am so over Samuel Jackson.
Maggie: I am so over being over Samuel Jackson.

Happy St. Pat's. I miss you and I'm terribly sad that I don't get to watch Leprechaun with you this year.

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300: Ab fest 2007

I do so hope they don't screw up The Dark Knight Returns, though.

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300: Ab fest 2007

You'll be interested to note that the critics of the historically accuracy of the movie have added Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to their ranks. Good company!

Those Spartans must have a surplus of epiladies.

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