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Lawrence second graders respond to "Nature vs. Nintendo" article

Not one person thinks it is better to play video games and watch TV? Well, I think kids should play more video games and watch more TV.

Outside you might run into: sunburns, freckles, bug bites, leaches (if you go swimming), getting rained on or snowed on and catching a cold, skinning your knee (especially when bike riding or skateboarding), getting your teeth knocked out while wrestling on trampoline (it happened to me), other kids' pee in the swimming pool (everyone knows it happens), and many other bad things.

Inside, it is nice and cool in the summer when the air conditioner is on, and it is warm in the winter when the heater is on. Plus, your mother can make you cookies if you ask very nicely.

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Ahhhh, I just wrote a response and accidentally hit back and now it's gone. I hate

Anyway, Sara, first, I love poetry. I read it. I write it. Poetry class with Prof. Brian Daldorph was one of my three favorite classes at KU. When friends of mine say, "I just don't get poetry," I say things like, "Maybe you just don't like the poetry that seems old and stale when it's shoved down your throat in school, no more than you'd probably like music forced on you in school."

There were three points to this article:

1. Print a bunch of poems by local poets.
2. Plug some upcoming poetry readings and events (some of the events got lost in the production shuffle--thanks, Robert and Sara, for posting more info)
3. Generate some kind of conversation about poetry--which, hey hey, happened

To tie it all together, I briefly interviewed a few poets and wrote an intro. There were a few things I didn't want to do in the intro. I didn't want to tell people why they SHOULD read poetry, presenting it as some kind of civic obligation, like attending a city commission meeting, or as an elite art form, like the opera. I also didn't want to write something about how poetry is all around us-in hip-hop lyrics, etc.--not because it's not a valid point but because I've heard that a million times and so has everybody else.

What I decided to write was something light and humorous that presented poetry not as something that needs to be spelled with a capital P. Poetry can be daunting. It's hard to write a good poem. I purposefully included the likes of published, badass poets like Denise Low with amateurs such as myself. That's why I included my poem at the top. Not a great poem, but an honest effort. Hey, who cares if my poetry's not as good as Denise Low's? That's why I included quotes such as Jane Live's. I'm not saying Live's poems are better or worse than mine or Denise Low's, but she said she just DOES it, because she enjoys it. That's my point.

If I were to write a more serious, heavy-handed intro--My Treatise on Poetry in 200 Words or Less by Francis D. Tankard--it would have been lame. Not to say a good intro in that vein couldn't be written. Just not be me.

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Road Rage

Hey, we've got to enjoy ourselves, recession or no recession, and Fambrough has done much more for KU than coaches who've totaled more wins and losses. If seeing his name on a street sign keeps everything he stands for--hating MU, mainly, which may be stupid and silly, but dammit, it's important to some people, myself included--if seeing his name there makes people smile, then do it, baby. I don't think that because of the recession we should stop, say, supporting the arts, and a Fambrough street sign would have a similar effect, in my opinion: to make life a little richer.

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Band Name Generator

Here's my album cover on a public site (It may not be pretty, but I've invested a lot of time on this and I'll be damned if nobody can see it):

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Band Name Generator

Announcing Jerome D'Souza's new album, "Revenge Has A Killer Body"
(Must have MySpace to view, I guess.)

On his solo album debut, D'Souza combines the sitar sounds of his native India with elements of American glam rock to create an elegantly layered Kenny G meets David Hasselhoff on Acid vibe that can only be described as uniquely Jerome D'Souza.

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All The Things You Could Be By Now If Sigmund Freud’s Wife Was Your Mother

"...But alas, Breaking News is at heart a blog of the people, indelicate though they may be. When a candy wrapper has fallen to the sidewalk, who but Breaking News is there to document the occurrence? When a publishing house mails an unsolicited book to, who but Breaking News will quote from it at random? Yes, Breaking News has always been a strong believer in the people. A blog of noble birth that cannot be halted until it has acted as a bandana upon the sweat of the brow of every noble worker in our land. Kansas, I am yours. Thank you."

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All The Things You Could Be By Now If Sigmund Freud’s Wife Was Your Mother

The Breaking News blog is finally receiving the appreciation it has long deserved. I can already envision my acceptance speech at the annual Kansas Press Association banquet:

"After being snubbed for so long by the half-illiterate hordes, dull teemers of life with little appreciation for the genius of the non sequitur, a dim concept of the theatre of the absurd, all you dimwits smudging around with ears deaf to subtlety, eyes closed to those beautiful occasions in which earnestness peaks its head above the crass frying pan, yes, after being looked over, rebuked, flogged, I stand before you now ..."

And so forth.

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Who will play Obama in the movie biopic?

It should be a series of actors, each depicting a different aspect of his life, a la the Bob Dylan movie "I'm Not There" (the execution of which I didn't really like, so let's make it directed by Quentin Tarantino, just for spice and an awesome soundtrack):Don Cheadle (the "Barry" yearbook picture years)RuPaul (the Bill Ayers/terrorism/crossdressing years)Some cute African American child actor (the Illinois Senate years)Hillary Clinton (the U.S. Senate years)Philip Seymour Hoffman (the future fat years)Pushing the film over the edge and into overly weird, disconnected pretentiousness, a la "I'm Not There," will be frequent, brief flashbacks to '60s activism underscoring the historic achievement of Obama's election, with Steve Buscemi playing Martin Luther King Jr.--we'll also have weird psychadelic Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters drug shots, because Hollywood loves those, with Dennis Hopper in a cameo.

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Back in the Day

Yes. I interviewed him by phone and he said he's "looking forward to it."

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