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Hello, Goodbye

That's a really nice blog. I hope you write more.

October 23, 2008 at 6:06 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

It's about time somebody said something

I've read many letters to the editor from people upset at the insinuation that because they don't like Barack Obama, they must be racist. They say, "I would happily vote for a more qualified African American. I have long been a supporter, for instance, of Colin Powell." Well, shoot, I guess all these people are gonna have to vote for Obama now.By the way, md_pinks, come on. I wouldn't respond to something like what you wrote, but in this heated political season I've heard these things you're saying swirling around more than once--McCain was a bad pilot, etc. It's swiftboating. It's not relevant. ("But if he throws his war hero status in our face every chance he gets, then it is relevant.") No, it's not. I don't know if what you're saying is true and I don't care. "Save the POW status." Are you really being that dismissive? Bottom line is, I don't care care if he crashed 500 planes and ratted out every person in the U.S. military. Criticize him for using his POW status to garner support, for using it to tap into people's sense of patriotism when it's not relevant to how he'll help fix the economy, etc. That's fair. But until you've flown a plane in war--even if you crashed it--or been held in a POW camp--even if it's as much fun as you make McCain's sound--just stop it.

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Watch out, The Man! Breaking News Watchdog Unit Unchained

Excellent points, lazz. Race would have been an important element of the story, given what happened that summer. md_pinks, since you just have to know, here's the rest of the story, although I think there may have been more that I didn't copy down because my wrist was getting sore. The shootings apparently occurred in Douglas' apartment, where police were called by a neighbor, Elwell said.The wounded person is Miss Paula George, 21, of 1117 Ky., a Caucasian. Her condition is not believed to be serious. She was admitted to LMH following treatment.

October 7, 2008 at 10:26 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

From Wall Street to...kill me now

Borak, yeah, I'm sure it's not easy for anyone--politicians, the media or financial experts--to explain this stuff, especially since many of them may not understand it. Maybe what makes me mad isn't even the lack of an explanation; it's the dumbed-down, sort of condescending terminology that's often used. Often I get the feeling that, when people talk about "middle America," what they mean to say is "the stupid masses." And when you read those polls that sometimes pop up on how dumb Americans are getting ("Americans only read one book per year and don't know their ABCs," or whatever), it seems to verify that the masses, are, in fact, are as stupid as it has become popular to believe. But when I think of the people I actually know (some of whom don't read one book per year and are more or less uninformed of the news, but are certainly NOT stupid), who actually fits the prototype of the person they're trying to reach? Pandering to the perceived lowest common denominator with vapid, condescending phrases like "from Wall Street to Main Street" helps create an uninformed public. I know we've all heard this before a million times. But what's sad is the reason the media, politicians, etc. do this isn't some overarching plot to keep the masses dumb and easy to manipulate, it's that they think we simply are too stupid to even try to attempt to explain something in a substantive--and, maybe, complicated--way.

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Horse stolen, truck offered as reward

Just like your face.

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Motherland. Madretierra?

Come on, hasn't everybody lived in New Mexico at one time another? I lived there from 3 to 10.

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About that bridge... everybody knows this is nowhere.

Look! A weiner!

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A Kaycee Dispatch!!!

Yeah, I took that picture among the weeds back there for a story on the 10-year anniversary of Burroughs' death.(ahem,

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Ask El Borak

Has it killed us yet?

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Uncomfortable Jason Sudiekis Interview for "The Rocker"

Oh wow. That's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. I think you accidentally tapped into Stephen Colbert's and Sacha Baron Cohen's awkward interview magic. It reminded me of Stephen Colbert quizzing some actor, I forget who, who professed not to be a Hollywood type, about really nitty-gritty local issues from the town where he lived, like, "Who do you support in the upcoming Watershed District No. 3 race?"I saw Jason Sudeikis do stand-up recently and he was really funny. The way he takes the quiz so seriously and seems so disappointed to keep failing is kind of endearing.

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