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My rates are very reasonable; please inquire in person.

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I don't know if he's serious enough. We may have to demote him to Ben Beta, and bump @benspaulding up to Alpha-Ben.

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Presented without comment

JAZZ HANDS!(obligatory)

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I made it about three seconds in.

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I've always felt that those of us on the side of rationality have approached the debate in entirely the wrong way. The creationists' slogan is "teach the controversy", and I think I'm prepared to go along with it: we'll teach that not everyone accepts the theory of evolution and that there are people who cling to alternative hypotheses.But in return for this concession, I expect their whole-hearted support in teaching the controversy about sex ed: not everyone accepts the theory of abstinence, and there are people who cling to, say, the theory of condoms as a viable alternative.In the name of fairness, we simply must teach all sides of the issue, right?(go ahead, try that suggestion on your favorite creationist "scholar" sometime. It's fun)

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Not So Free Credit Report Dot Com

You managed to cancel on their site?I got roped into that when I was getting ready to move here (wanted to check my report to know what kind of luck I'd have with landlords/real estate folks doing checks on me), and ended up getting hit for the monthly fee. Which was one reason why my old account with a bank that doesn't have a branch within 500 miles of here stayed open, with money periodically transferred into it.Try as I might, I couldn't cancel the credit reporting online, and finally spent 45 minutes on the phone with them to get the thing shut down (much of which was repeating, with increasing loudness and firmness, that I really did want to cancel the "service").

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'Democracy in America': Protestantism, books and the middle class

1. No, because we have more information available than ever before, but fewer people take advantage of it; to go with G.K. Chesterton:"This was certainly not the idea of those who introduced our freedom. When the old Liberals removed the gags from all the heresies, their idea was that religious and philosophical discoveries might thus be made. Their view was that cosmic truth was so important that every one ought to bear independent testimony. The modern idea is that cosmic truth is so unimportant that it cannot matter what any one says. The former freed inquiry as men loose a noble hound; the latter frees inquiry as men fling back into the sea a fish unfit for eating."2. As much as it ever was, but I think de Tocequville's tour and his built-in notions of what constituted "equality" need to be taken into account when considering that :)

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"Democracy in America": A preface

Ooh.I'll dig out my copy and start reading just as soon as I get some free time...

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Bad Reviews: "300"

Roeper had a great line: "This is the kind of movie that throws babies off a cliff, literally."His most excellent summary: "If you thought "Gladiator" was a bit too stingy with the bloodshed, if you felt "Sin City" could have been more stylized, if you hate it when the masses refer to graphic novels as "comic books," this is your day."If I hadn't already been planning to see it, that would have sealed the deal for me.

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