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Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich Shop (Southside)

I called in an order recently to the Jimmy John's on 23rd Street. I am a big fan of their sandwiches and b/c I live west of Wakarusa, I never get to eat their food b/c it is out of the delivery area. Finally I was at a friends house within the area and I couldn't believe the girl who answered the phone - "Tiffany" from what the delivery guy said. She was so rude and acted like having a job and taking orders was the last thing she wanted to do. There was a lot of -uhh humm, yeeeaaahhhh, and WHAT" Also I was paying by credit card and I could hear people all around her. As I was giving her the number, she was repeating every number back to me. I finally asked her "Are there people around that can hear my number?" She said, "Uhhh, what?" And I repeated b/c surely if I can hear the guy talking next to her with other people, someone can surely hear my number. I really could not believe the attitude I recieved from her when I asked this question and then. and to end the phone call "Tiff" says "we'll have it out to you as soon as we can" and hung up." This would never stand at the company I am with now. The delivery was fantastic, their food is great, but obviously management needs to think about who they have interfacing with the customers. My company which is a corporation, would never tolerate something like that, and in the economic situation we are in, you would think "Tiffany" might want to do her job as it was decribed in her interview. Without loyal customers that are happy, there is no business. Mr/Mrs. Manager, please talk with "Tiffany" about her attitude of her job as it might not be the best place for her and the interaction with lawrence citizens.

October 17, 2008 at 11:29 a.m. ( | suggest removal )