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Split Lip Rayfield -- 04/30/10 at Bottleneck

hey now all you Split Lip fans - Teri and Joe from Arizona are coming to Lawrence for this show on April 30 -
see y'all at the Bottleneck!

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Can't Stand Losing Him

thank you again for putting into words what so many of us feel - how Kirk and his energy seemed to reach so many of us personally. The world is a lesser place without him - those whom he touched - are better for it. We'll miss you Kirk - thank you for sharing your world with us.
peace be with you and your family and friends.
Teri and Joe - Tempe, Arizona

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Split Lip Rayfield -- Rig or Cross

have seen this new song listed as: Rig or Cross -
not positive of name, but others are using it on set lists.

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Wild, blue eyes, wide-open and defiant: A review of the Split Lip Rayfield Tour

thanks for what has to be the best article/review I have seen on
our favorite band - and we live in Tempe, Arizona! after a couple trips to Kansas to see Split Lip Rayfield, and most recently, another flight to Denver to see them again at the Bluebird - all I can say is: WOW! you get it - the whole energy centering, the focus on the now, the music plays the band, you get it! it was nice to have a chance to chat with you at Auntie Maes - and to see the review in print, THANK YOU!
keep the love strong - as I heard someone say in Denver: "if one man named Benny Hinn can heal dozens of folks at one of his revivals - maybe a few hundred folks can help heal Kirk".
jam on

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