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Hey All,
Aaaaah. Wonderful. Great article. ...Though a little bleak. For my part, I think we've all done pretty well for ourselves! The Outhouse really let me "express my anger" and all that, but it's where I made some great friends, and had a sense of community. I still know --and love-- my friends from that time! The people mentioned in the article Ann (author, photographer) Aaron (father, philosopher) Jeff (businessman extrordinaire). And a few others, not mentioned...John Harrison, who is still putting out great music, is still one of the nicest people in Lawrence. Bret Dillingham (owns a consulting firm, and is a therapist) Tom Peschio, William Burroughs assistant. It's been almost 20 years, and we're old, fat, and bald, but hey! I think we've "succeeded". We're all pretty happy! And the skinheads? Ken now owns Pachamamas, Jeff is a long hair now... and John Noonan... now my brother-in-law! I married his sister Pattie (who just became Dr. Noonan), and see him often! There were some awful times... two suicides, countless beatings... and that combined with post-punk popularity, made it time to leave... but for my part, I say, "Hats Off!" to everyone that was part of that 'scene'. Punk rock saved my life! (...I'm not totally sure I'm kidding about that) -John

February 11, 2005 at 11:44 a.m. ( | suggest removal )