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Outposts of cool: Authors relive impact of ‘Record Store Days’

Its an LA Times piece.

Its good to know that "Epic Nervous Breakdown After Energy Drink Prank" happened and is on the internet.

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Sports Buddaye 16: "Harbaugh Rock City"

OK. Its on. Sports Bar or in a home? We should watch a few regular season games and film during a playoff game. It takes a few TV games to understand the pacing and how to follow the puck. Lets talk.

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Sports Buddaye 16: "Harbaugh Rock City"

Kansas City CAN afford a pro team. Just not a BASKETBALL team. So, throw out some names for the KC HOCKEY franchise.

One. KC KILLERS: A Simple Friday the 13th style hockey mask as the logo. Maybe a little blood on the mask.

Two. KC QUEENS: Keeps with the Royalty/Important Native American theme. Pink Unis.

Three. KC SCOUTS: Already got a logo from the mid-70s.

Maybe you don't pay attention to Hockey. You should. Its easily the BEST Pro sport. You players HIT one another and the action doesn't stop (like football), there aren't one bazillion 2 minute timeouts in a game (see football & basketball) and sometimes the players just FIGHT, and its legal. Lets add that players move faster than both football and basketball, the element of skill can be muted by toughness, and all the players suited up on any given night for your team play in that game (less the backup goalie). Its the most TEAM oriented sport, its the FASTEST sport, and it the TOUGHEST sport. KC would go BATSHIT for a hockey franchise. SPORTS BUDDAYE needs to look into hockey.

I'm INVITING the Buddaye posse to watch some hockey with me this season. Once the dull days of KU B-Ball mopping up Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa State, Baylor, Texas Tech, KSU & OSU by 30 starts in January, lets talk. SPORTS BUDDAYE needs a game with some COMPETITION! HITTING! FIGHTING!

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Lawrence Busker Festival -- 08/23/09 at Downtown Lawrence

I'm curious to know if downtown retailers get a bump from this event. I'll chime in with Love Garden's take tomorrow. Anyone?

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Dear USPS,

I've very few qualms with the USPS. I consider it a minor miracle that letters actually show up at the proper destination for 45 cents.

When I end up waiting in line, its usually caused by someone in line who can't grasp some detail about the process. Sure, sometimes the postal workers at the downtown post office get a little chatty. Diane likes to talk. You just want a stamp. I figure a return of the automated stamp machine fixes the problem, no?

Q: Why doesn't the postage just go to 50 cents and stay there for years to come? A: Congressional Oversight.

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Wakarusa 2009 - We're Not In Kansas Anymore*

I liked the downtown concert events more than the festival. Here's to hoping that Brett Mossiman keeps those going.

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Adios Larry!

My best to staff and family. May ye find success where others (like me) shrug and grump and groan.

now, how to get local people to remember to look at a calendar website that is outmoded by facebook invites, myspace postings, text messages and the next soon-to-be generation of pop-media of the moment. I viewed the paper version as the flagpole of local relevancy in an internet sea of hyperlink cultural irrelevancies.

Thumbs down to the World Co. for not understanding that "hyperlocal" medium requires a regular public reminder of its existence to remain relevant in the "hyperlocal" marketplace. I guess they've sold their software (noted in phil's link above: see "Django Web framework and Ellington") to everyone that's a potential buyer since they're throwing in the towel to some extent. As a regularly courted advertiser of a brick and mortar business, how does my message get through in the mess of irreverant commentary, sometimes informative feature pieces and day-to-day pertinent to-do info? Now add that yr without a constant hard-n-fast reminder of that ads existence on a virtual locale that is as accessable as thousands of other virtual locales? How does the website earn my business in a way that thousands of other information hubs does not?

I'm not asking rhetorically.

As an advertiser, I'm saying don't expect me to spend my money on hyper-local internet ads quite yet.

At some point, one can assume the internet will be a viable source of ad revenue - but it ain't here yet. Its probably 3 years away optimistically and 15 years away if the glass is half-empty. I wanna know what fills the gap on a local and niche level? Free crap like twitter, facebook, etc? Zines? Actual person-to-person interaction? GIANT MULTI-NATIONAL corps that contol most internet traffic that perfer profits over people?

Seriously - help me out here. Convince me that this isn't a short-sighted mistake on World Co.'s part. I'm willing to celebrate the life of the deadwood, but I''m more offended at the bottom-line approach in an ongoing (and worsening) downturn in the economy.

It should be noted that the Love Garden accidentally has a kinda-secret celebration at the same time as the' wake - it'll be a double dip party evening. Love Garden is celebrating the re-birth of something real, tangible and life-affirming. No joke.

Up the people, down with the co.

School me, please. PLEASE!

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At Home With Ad Astra Per Aspera (The Dog and Pony Show)

Please Note: AD ASTRA PER ASPERA are NOT BREAKING UP.The lead-in-text above teases that the band will address this issue in the podcast....but they don't.I felt the same way when I first learned that Kurt & Julie were moving away. Hell, I had committed to putting out a couple seven inch singles (and now I've committed to 4 of em!) and it seemed stupid to put out records by a band that was breaking up soon. I was pretty pissed and sad about it all.Then the folks in the band convinced me that they are going to continue to be a band while Kurt & Julie live in New York. They'll play shows now and then, probably two or three times a year. They'll write new songs from afar. That's what I've been told, and I believe em.-KellyLOVE GARDEN Sounds Arts Multiplex/Record Label.

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Star child

Woah.I respect that some folks don't go for the dog & pony show of WHITE FLIGHT and to some degree I agree with y'all that a KC/Lawrence fella goes on an extended vacation (albeit something that does not resemble a typical western-style vacation) and finds a new way of thinking and living is hard to swallow. Everybody needs a way to rationalize the world. So this is a really brief outline of his way of rationalizing in releation to his music. Cool. Its a better outlook than mine....I think our world is somebody's ant farm. I hold my mind together with duct tape, super glue and the Canadian punk band FUCKED UP because of my ant-farm woes. I bet Justin is happier than me.I'd like to see WHITE FLIGHT and SPOOK LIGHTS work on songs together. The best multi-media show EVER. Smart and tasteless use of Schlock + Zen Meditation + history of dirty style rock music + experimental drugs (quintiles+pot) + nasty guitar licks = I WANNA SEE IT. DO IT, dudes.

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