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Pachamama's Catering

Okay, I wrote a unflattering portrait of this joint in my last post, but as I wrote previously, I did try it again this spring and it was great. Amazing appetizers and fair pricing relative to the menu selections. I had the red snapper (which I'll always order if available) and it was delicious. We were also served free deserts because of our "long" wait for our food. Although we didn't find our wait to be that long, we took the free desert anyway!
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July 4, 2005 at 9:41 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Paisano's Ristorante

This place sucks horribly. I do like the setting and service but the pasta was over cooked and the crappy "pasta encrusted salmon" was the most disgusting attempt at food I've eaten in an Italian restaurant. I also dropped one bill on dinner and wine which left my girl and I feel like we had just been pick pocketed. I'll drive four hours and go to the Hill in St. Louis before I eat here again!

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Pachamama's Catering

I must have eaten here on a night when the chefs had all called in and the dishwashers were asked to fill in.
The atmosphere is great, which helps the Lawrence aristocrats feel like they're in a "big" City.
The menu is very ambitous although ultimately falling short of tasting great.
I don't mind paying these prices as long as the food and chefs reach their potential.
My girlfriend and I will give it a second chance this spring in hopes of an improvement.

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