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Lawrence resident Bryan Wilcox tweeted this photo of his stash of Boulevard Chocolate Ale.

Geez, I wonder how many beanie babies this guy got at mcdonalds when those came out back in the day...

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Review: Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Actually X-Men vs Street Fighter was the "first to merge one of the most robust comic book worlds with one of the most robust video game worlds," if you want to be technical about it. Then, of course there was Marvel Heroes vs Street Fighter AND THEN, third times a charm, there was Marvel vs Capcom. So, really, the first two games were precursors to the franchise. Some people even consider them part of the same franchise, but they're not really, they're just their own, stand-alone games.

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Wild Pairs: Diners discover best ways to match beer and food

It's sold out, but there is the possibility of another class scheduled for August. It's an awesome class, I would recommend it to anyone who likes beer or food. Which, I'm sure, is a lot of people.

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deal with it, america.

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The Best (and Worst) Video Games of 2009

my most disappointing game of 2009 was totally Dragon Age. I think I was expecting way more from a Bioware game than I got. That being said, I'm waiting for the new DLC and Expansion to see if they redeem the game. My question then is, if a game needs additional content in order for it to feel complete, shouldn't it have included that stuff in the first place? I don't know, it boggles the mind, yet here I am pre-ordering the expansion...

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Blondie -- 08/18/09 at Crossroads KC

Hey guess what. They canceled.

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