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Johnny's Tavern

personally, i don't know anywhere else that has burgers like Johnny's. it is my favorite place to stop by for a cheeseburger. i like to go during the day so that the cigarette smoke isn't so thick though. waiters are nice too.

January 3, 2004 at midnight ( | suggest removal )

King Buffet

The buffet style is wonderfrul, they take your drink order and you are ready to eat as much as you want. Also, if you have kids along, that there taste buds haven't "developed" yet, they could surely find something they like in the buffet. Like the title says, its all you can eat, no complaining there.

July 16, 2003 at midnight ( | suggest removal )

Wheatfields Bakery

Wheatfields bread is one of a kind. I agree that there service isn't the best in town but that could be because they are always busy. You can not find bread like this anywhere else in Lawrence. The meals are also very unique and a must-stop-by bakery.

July 16, 2003 at midnight ( | suggest removal )

Sylas and Maddy's Homemade Ice Cream

If you've never tried Sylas and Maddy's Ice Cream, you've definatlly been missing out. They have the best ice cream and can compare to no other.

July 15, 2003 at midnight ( | suggest removal )


It's nice and quiet. The only interuption you should have is the waiters making sure you are having an enjoyable experience. The food is great and a price that is also. You can get alot of food for not a lot of money. What else would you want?

July 15, 2003 at midnight ( | suggest removal )

Royal Peking Restaurant

This place has the best chinese in town. The owners are wonderful people and are very friendly. Also, if you have children coming along, there are some menu options that will take care of them too. If you ever get the urge to have some chinese, you can't get any better than this.

July 15, 2003 at midnight ( | suggest removal )

Papa Keno's Pizzeria

I don't know about the owner but the sevrvice is well enough. I've been going to Papa Keno's ever since I was little. They have wonderful food and the people that work there have never been mean. If you're looking for a wonderful pizza place that is not fast food (although they do serve you quickly for your approval), Papa Keno's is the way to go.

July 15, 2003 at midnight ( | suggest removal )

Mad Greek Restaurant

The food is wonderful, the waiters are too and the owners are great people. If you are ever wondering where to eat in Lawrence, this place is a must try.

July 15, 2003 at midnight ( | suggest removal )

Bambino's Italian Restaurant

I thought the resturant was very nice indeed. The food was not expensive for its great taste. The inside of the restaurant looks alright but i think the outdoor dining was a splendid idea.

July 15, 2003 at midnight ( | suggest removal )